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Trudon Olim EDP 100ml


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Olim is a part of Trudon’s first fragrance collection – a scented ode to Royalty, Religion and Revolution. Olim (Latin for “once”) shines light on the evolution of royal power. This fragrance represents the vanity and emotion of a royal era. With powdery notes representing the beauty and purity mingled with the spice and resins reflecting the opulence and grandeur. Olim recalls the first four registers of the old Parliament of Paris, which included the texts and laws created by the King’s court in the years between 1254 – 1318 under different reigns, but particularly that of St Louie. This fragrance is nostalgic about the evolution of royal power and the decline of the 13th century French feudalism.

Top: Bergamot, Lavender, Anise
Middle: Patchouli, Cloves, Pink Pepper
Base: Benzoin, Myrrh, Musk

Lyn Harris

Olim opens with a big oriental hit, the notes of Lavender and Anise are most prominent and it almost smells like fragrances of decades past. There is an old world charm, a definite headiness to open. As Olim begins to settle there is a light powdery tone, and a freshness, perhaps the lightness of Patchouli. With some time, Olim completely changes into an incredible spicy, resinous base that is warm and elegant on the skin lasting 6 – 8 hours.

We love the dry down of Olim. The Myrrh is the stand out for us in the dry down and that soft, slightly sweet resinous base is the kind of scent that we want to be enveloped in. The element of spice and resin actually take us to the quintessential Christmas scent of Europe – sweetly spiced, a hint of citrus and the warming and comforting scents of spice fill the cold, yet joyous air.

Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, the oldest and most renowned candle makers in the world. Appointed Royal Wax Manufacturers, Cire Trudon provided candles for not only all of the French churches, but had an illustrious list of devoted clients including Louie 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. Cire Trudon’s candles are inspired by significant people and places throughout history – they tell scented stories. After 400 + years creating the finest home fragrance in the world, Cire Trudon moved in personal fragrance launching their perfume line in 2017, telling new scented stories based on Royalty, Religion and Revolution.


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