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Spiritus Sancti Scented Cameos 4 pack


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Made in the image of Madame de Pompadour, Cire Trudon’s scented cameos are wax melts that can be used in an oil burner to release scent into your space. Defender of the arts, literature, philosophy, and the one of the favourites of Louis the 15th, Madame de Pompadour reinvestigated cameos as ornamental pieces.

The cameo wax melts come in a pack of 4 and burn for 8 hours per melt.


“Spiritus sanctus” is the Latin name for the holy spirit in the Christian religion. Redolent of the holy altar candles and incense, the holy scents rise into the souls.

Top notes: Aldehydes, Incense Vapors

Middle notes: Lily of the Valley

Base notes: Benzoin Resin, Labdanum


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