Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon

Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon is the oldest wax-producing factory worldwide. From humble beginnings, Claude Trudon owned a convenience store in the 1640’s, where he sold tapered candles he made by hand. Incredibly popular as they didn’t warp or smoke, they were the first candles to utilise beeswax – a superior quality and much more refined than the regular candles available at the time.making his signature candles using a bee

With such success, Claude Trudon eventually purchased a candle factory making his signature candles using a wax and vegetable wax blend that is still used (and still a top-secret formula) to this day. Trudon quickly became the candle provider to the Royal Court of Louis XIV, as well as most of the great churches of France. Louis XIV was so impressed with the candles that he issued the seal of approval with the official family crest (as seen on the front of every Cire Trudon product). At this time the Palace of Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors used to burn 50 000 Trudon taper candles daily.

Trudon had become the biggest wax-producing factory in the French Kingdom during the 17th and 18th century. As candle makers to the Royal Court, Trudon were commissioned to make candles for many iconic people throughout history – from Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon commissioned Trudon to make a candle for the birth of his son – rumoured to be the only gift he ever gave him – a black candle decorated with his likeness in gold.

In 2007 the company took the name Cire Trudon and became a specialist in manufacturing perfumed candles. All candles are still hand made, using traditional production methods. The candle vessels are all hand blown in Venice using their iconic Venetian glass, and for each candle made, the twelfth is always burnt for quality control. Today, Cire Trudon have extended their savoir-fare to a line of genderless perfumes as well as a variety of options to luxuriously scent your space.

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