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Trudon Mortel EDP 100ml

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Smokey, Spicy
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Mortel is a part of Trudon’s first fragrance collection – a scented ode to Royalty, Religion and Revolution. The artist, living between shadow and light, is a mortal creature. However the art that the artist creates is immortal. The memories that we share around art will forever live on. This is the power of art. Halfway between the religious and the revolutionary, with an unquenched thirst for eternity, Mortel is a revolutionary drive that combines virile force and natural harmonies. That fleeting space between reality and spirit where the finest artwork comes to life. A place that is without thought, it is simply doing and being.

Top: Nutmeg, Pimento, Black Pepper, Incense
Middle: Woody Notes, Olibanum, Resins
Base: Cedar, Labdanum, Benzoin Myrrh

Yann Visnier

Mortel is warm and resinous and on the skin we get the note of Frankincense coming out, feeling like the scent of a church. Given there is no frankincense listed in this fragrance, it must be a blend of Incense and Resins creating that beautiful scent. There is a gentle, clean and fresh woody tone in this fragrance balanced beautifully with the warm and grounding base. The wear Mortel is between 6 – 8 hours, silage is soft and gentle – its definitely detectable yet not overwhelmingly so.

We love how evocative and emotive Mortel is. Scent is so intrinsically linked to our memory, and this scent is a great reminder of how memories can live on, particularly through scent, even after someone has passed on. The gentle incense tones bring the spice and resins out amazingly on the skin, reminding us of church and the rituals around life and death.

Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, the oldest and most renowned candle makers in the world. Appointed Royal Wax Manufacturers, Cire Trudon provided candles for not only all of the French churches, but had an illustrious list of devoted clients including Louie 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. Cire Trudon’s candles are inspired by significant people and places throughout history – they tell scented stories. After 400 + years creating the finest home fragrance in the world, Cire Trudon moved in personal fragrance launching their perfume line in 2017, telling new scented stories based on Royalty, Religion and Revolution.

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"Magnificent incense/smokey fragrance that manages warmth unachieved by CDG's 'Avignon' or similar "cold" incense scents. Highly recommended if you like perfumes in the vein of Heeley's 'Cardinal' or 'Rock Crystal' by Durbano, but don't want the austere coldness that reminds one of a stone church. Just beautiful and it's going to be awesome during winter."