Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa was established in 1869 near Venice, Italy. Choosing his base in Treviso, Hermand Krull created the Acca Kappa after relocating to Italy from Prussia. Acca Kappa is a family run business that spans four generations. During the First World War, the company was disseized by the Germans, however Krull’s sons were able to buy back the business from the Italian government to continue their father’s legacy.

The Acca Kappa collection began as a manufacturer of premium hair brushes and accessories. Known for sourcing the finest materials, they were in fact the official supplier to the British Royal Family.

By 90’s, Acca Kappa were widely renowned as Italy’s best and most successful manufacturer of brushes.

Remarkably, the current President, Ms. Elisa Gera, is the great-great grand daughter of the original founder! In the late 1980’s, Ms. Gera decided to expand the Acca Kappa brand to leading traditional principles; select the highest quality of raw materials, focus on simplicity in design and respect the environment. Expanding into fragrance, skin , shaving and body products whilst using natural materials wherever possible has established Acca Kappa as an upmarket brand producing products of the highest quality.

1997 was the year that saw the production of Acca Kappa’s first perfume – the iconic White Moss fragrance. Still a best seller to this day, White Moss is clean and fresh, an instantly likeable and easy to wear perfume. As the perfume collection has grown, Acca Kappa now have over 20 perfumes in their collection. The recent addition of the 15ml mini perfume sizes has seen the brand move from strength to strength as more people are being introduced to the wonderful world of Acca Kappa’s high quality perfumes.

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