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Vaniglia Fior di Mandorlo EDP 15ml


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This is the smell of happiness in a bottle right here. Everyone loves Vanilla is this is the ultimate Vanilla perfume! The fragrance that smells like summer and sunshine and all things great all at once. A warm and complex fragrance with a beautifully complex Vanilla blend. Settling into a cosy and warm fragrance on the skin, this Vanilla marries amazingly well with the gentle notes of Almond Flower, Jasmine, Bergamot and Sandalwood. This is the perfect mini size to either trial out the fragrance, justify getting one of each scent in the entire collection or keep on you at all times. Because you never know when you’ll want a sneaky little top up!

Top: Italian Bergamot, Jasmine
Middle: Almond Flower, Vanilla
Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk

Vaniglia fior di Mandorlo is a realy concerntrated fragrance – a little bit goes along way and the perfume lasts all day on the skin. It is Vanilla the whole way through however it settles into a soft and warm scent on the skin and last all day long!

We love this perfume for a Vanilla! It smells like you could eat it, like a sweet, velvety dessert. We almost get hints of white chocolate or caramel when it is on the skin. So smooth and creamy, it’s amazing how it can also be bright and clean at the same time!

Luca Maffei

The Acca Kappa collection began as a manufacturer of premium hair brushes and accessories. Based in Treviso, Acca Kappa was created in 1869 by Hermand Krull and is stil in the Krull family to this day. Known for sourcing the finest materials, they were in fact the official supplier to the British Royal Family. By 90’s, Acca Kappa were widely renowned as Italy’s best and most successful manufacturer of brushes.1997 was the year that saw the production of Acca Kappa’s first perfume – the iconic White Moss fragrance. As the perfume collection has grown, Acca Kappa now have over 20 perfumes in their collection. The recent addition of the 15ml mini perfume sizes has seen the brand move from strength to strength as more people are being introduced to the wonderful world of Acca Kappa’s high quality perfumes.

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