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“I cannot do without flowers. They are my muse, my passion, my world.”

Saskia Havekes

The Grandiflora Fragrance Collection is the result of an intense love of flowers, particularly transient scented flowers. Those short lived blooms, whose flowers only live a short time. Opening her Flower Shop, Grandiflora in Potts Point Sydney in 1995, Saskia Havekes has a love for curating flowers. Collaborating with some of the world’s most respected perfumers to create her exquisite line, Grandiflora is made in Grasse. Yet the inspiration comes all the way from Sydney in the tiny little flower shop.

While thriving as a flower shop owner and perfumer, Saskia is also an author. Grandiflora has an admired aesthetic and Saskia is known for curating flowers rather than simply arranging them. She is always looking for ways to sculpt beauty out of nature.

The Grandiflora perfume line tells its story through 5 different perfumes. The first fragrance to be created Magnolia Sandrine, is an ode to one of Saskia’s favourite flowers – Magnolia. Working with good friend and perfumer Sandrine Videault, Sandrine tells the story of the flowers first opening, the smell of new blooms on crisp and fresh morning. Sadly, this was Sandrine’s final scent as she passed away not long after creating this beautiful perfume. In honour of Sandrine, Saskia worked with another close friend of both of theirs Michel Roudinitska to create a fragrance of Magnolias blooming at the end of their bloom. This gorgeous ode to Sandrine’s original fragrance brings the Magnolia story to a gentle and touching close.

Grandiflora’s collection is rounded out with Grandiflora Jasmine – a rich and decadent Jasmine that any lovers of the flower will adore, Boronia – inspired by Saskia’s childhood growing up in the bush in NSW, and finally Queen of the Night – a unique perfume inspired by the mysterious Cactus Flower that blooms in the middle of the night once a year!


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