Sandrine – Magnolia Grandiflora EDP 50ml


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This crisp, citrusy and fresh floral is Sandrine Videault’s interpretation of Magnolia flowers. Travelling to Sydney to work with Saskia Havekes on this fragrance, Sandrine arrived to a hotel filled with magnificent Magnolias (one of Saskia’s favourites), saturating her with their glorious scent – and so the fragrance journey began. Sandrine worked to interpret Saskia’s perception on Magnolias, describing the scent as “a symphony of chords. Sadly Sandrine passed away the same year that she created this masterpiece, leaving us one last parting gift – Magnolia Grandiflora. This bright and effervescent fragrance tells the story of Magnolias at first morning, the dew is still fresh on their petals and the crisp, green and citrus surrounding the Magnolias notes fill the air, waking you up entirely. A scent of joy and optimism of what the beautiful day ahead may bring.

Top: Citrus, Grapefruit, Pepper
Middle: Moss, Dry Woods
Base: Musk Ocean, Tree Petal, Sky

Sandrine Videault

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Grandiflora is generally about 6 – 8 hours, however we really get around 6 hours with this particular scent. Quite fresh and tart, this sits as quite a unique aquatic floral. The Citrus notes are definitely there, the Grapefruit and Citrus fruits are most prominent with the Aquatic and then the soft Magnolia ever so gently there in the background.

This is the first bloom of the Magnolia flower. Crisp morning air blows, and just as the sun is rising, the Magnolia bud slowly opens itself up to the world. We love how uplifting, crisp and green, Sandrine is. It is the scent of new beginnings, even though it was sadly Sandrine’s final creation. But what a beautiful and sentimental gift to leave the world.

The Grandiflora Fragrance Collection is the result of an intense love of flowers, particularly transient scented flowers. Those short lived blooms, whose flowers only live a short time. Opening her Flower Shop, Grandiflora in Potts Point Sydney in 1995, Saskia Havekes has a love for curating flowers. Collaborating with some of the world’s most respected perfumers to create her exquisite line, Grandiflora is made in Grasse. Yet the inspiration comes all the way from Sydney in the tiny little flower shop.


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