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Lore’s Christmas Gift Guide

  We are so proud to present The Sweetest Smelling Christmas at Lore Perfumery!  This year, the air and emotions feel extra sweet, don’t you think? It really is the sweetest Christmas, and what better way to complement those lovely Christmas vibes than getting right into the cheery festive spirit with scent! We are packed …

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Woody Mood

As the days get cooler and shorter we start bringing out the woody fragrances, for us and our home! Now, there is no rule when it comes to fragrance. Here at Lore we are all about wearing whatever you like. We don’t believe in the traditional men’s and women’s fragrances…fragrance to us is genderless and …

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, those who live nearby get to actually see our mums – we’re not desperately checking the tracking details to make sure our Mother’s Day gift arrives in time like last year in the midst of early lockdown! We can actually celebrate family after a pretty challenging year and make the most of …

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We’re mad for Mad Hippie! 🍃

In case you haven’t heard yet, Mad Hippie is fast becoming a cult classic skin care range here in Australia. They may call themselves ‘mad hippies’ but don’t be fooled, they take skin care really seriously. This all natural skin care range was created by married couple Sam and Dana and Mad Hippie is driven …

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Meet The Laundress, the brand that made us fall in love with doing laundry!

While we love all things perfume scent related here at Lore Perfumery, we have recently discovered the wonderful world of The Laundress. This laundry range allows us to fragrance every single piece that we launder while taking extra special care of the fabric. Quickly becoming a very popular brand at Lore and definitely a worldwide …

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Our Favourite Face Masks ✨

Tis the season to face mask. We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now so there’s no excuses for not having enough time for some self care these days! Whether you’ve got 2 minutes, or 20 minutes, the power of taking some time to show yourself a little papering and self-love is …

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Candles 101 – Part 2

Best Candle Alternatives & Scents For Your Home We are now well and truly into winter here in Melbourne, so we thought what are winter essentials for us? As we wake up to crisp frost in the dark mornings, turn the heater on, pull on layers to stay warm and sip on a hot cup …

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