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Woody Mood

Woody mood

As the days get cooler and shorter we start bringing out the woody fragrances, for us and our home! Now, there is no rule when it comes to fragrance. Here at Lore we are all about wearing whatever you like. We don’t believe in the traditional men’s and women’s fragrances…fragrance to us is genderless and […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day gift guide

This Mother’s Day, those who live nearby get to actually see our mums – we’re not desperately checking the tracking details to make sure our Mother’s Day gift arrives in time like last year in the midst of early lockdown! We can actually celebrate family after a pretty challenging year and make the most of […]

The 2021 Valentine’s Day Edit 💕

The 2021 valentine’s day edit 💕

The Lovers card in tarot represents beautiful connections and, in its purest form, it talks of relationships that are meaningful and soul connected. So this Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate love in all of its forms – self-love, friendship, romantic love, soul mates, life partners. All of the good things that connect us to […]

Lore’s 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Lore’s 2020 christmas gift guide

2020 has been over in a flash! What a year! There doesn’t seem to be a better time than right now to really shower the ones that we love with festive cheer, to treat ourselves (think we all deserve it!) and of course to support the local brands and stores that we love. Given it […]

We’re mad for Mad Hippie! 🍃

We’re mad for mad hippie! 🍃

In case you haven’t heard yet, Mad Hippie is fast becoming a cult classic skin care range here in Australia. They may call themselves ‘mad hippies’ but don’t be fooled, they take skin care really seriously. This all natural skin care range was created by married couple Sam and Dana and Mad Hippie is driven […]

Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Father’s day 2020 gift guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 6th September) we got to thinking about our dads and how this year is going to be pretty different with lock down regulations in place (for us here in Melbourne anyway!). While we may not be able to see our dads, take them out for a pub […]

Meet The Laundress, the brand that made us fall in love with doing laundry!

Meet the laundress, the brand that made us fall in love with doing laundry!

While we love all things perfume scent related here at Lore Perfumery, we have recently discovered the wonderful world of The Laundress. This laundry range allows us to fragrance every single piece that we launder while taking extra special care of the fabric. Quickly becoming a very popular brand at Lore and definitely a worldwide […]

Our Favourite Face Masks ✨

Our favourite face masks ✨

Tis the season to face mask. We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now so there’s no excuses for not having enough time for some self care these days! Whether you’ve got 2 minutes, or 20 minutes, the power of taking some time to show yourself a little papering and self-love is […]

Candles 101 – Part 2

Candles 101 – part 2

Best Candle Alternatives & Scents For Your Home We are now well and truly into winter here in Melbourne, so we thought what are winter essentials for us? As we wake up to crisp frost in the dark mornings, turn the heater on, pull on layers to stay warm and sip on a hot cup […]

Lore’s Top Pamper Picks For Mum This Mother’s Day

Lore’s top pamper picks for mum this mother’s day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whilst this year is going to be quite different for a lot of us there are still many ways we can celebrate our Mums and Mum figures in our lives. Whether it is zoom brunching, gorgeous flowers dropped at her door, a hamper of her favourite foods […]

Candles 101 – Part 1

Candles 101 – part 1

Best Candle Brands & Their Best Selling Candles It’s that time of the year when all we want are candles! So right now, not only are we all self isolating which means long days indoors, but day light savings just ended so it’s getting darker and darker and winter is creeping in faster and faster […]

Glasshouse reimagined 💚 Daringly potent and absolutely addictive!

Glasshouse reimagined 💚 daringly potent and absolutely addictive!

Growing up in Australia, I feel like most people have had an experience with Glasshouse candles at some point. Whether it’s the sweet smell of Tahaa burning in Peter Alexander stores that instantly makes you want to cuddle up in pyjamas with a hot chocolate, or if you were gifted a mini back in the […]

Us babes tried Babe Australia’s new body care range and this is the verdict! 💕

Us babes tried babe australia’s new body care range and this is the verdict! 💕

We have stocked the Babe Australia range for quite a few years now and we have to say, they just keep delivering the goods! Originally, BabeScrub, the brand started out selling body care products including one of our best sellers the Body Soufflé in Verbena Gypsy. Babe then delved into the skincare realm and produced […]

Orchids & Peonies Perfume Q&A Blog Post

Orchids & peonies perfume q&a blog post

Jade chatted with Fiona from Orchids & Peonies about all things fragrance! We just love this blog post Fiona put together, have a read below! x Perfume 101 With Jade from Lore Perfumery If there is an area in beauty that I have really enjoyed experiencing and exploring as of it late, it is fragrance. […]

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

The ultimate mother’s day gift guide 2019

🌼 Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to make things super easy for spoiling Mum this year we have put together our first ever GIFT GUIDE! 💜 Our guide is 19 pages jam packed full of information! Stories from the Mums of Lore, gift ideas for any type of Mum and so much more. It […]

Do Crystal Facial Rollers Work?

Do crystal facial rollers work?

Call me a hippie but I love crystals. In my room, on my window sill, strategically placed to create good vibes around the house, in my jewellery and pockets. The list goes on. And so it now involves my beauty regime too. Didn’t you know that beauty and wellness go hand in hand in 2019?! […]

Lore’s Christmas Perfume Wish List

Lore’s christmas perfume wish list

Lore’s Christmas Wish List Christmas is just around the corner! At Lore, we love the festive season…spoiling the people you love as well as yourself. Getting excited and sending some pretty big hints about what we’re eyeing off this year, we’ve put together some of our Christmas Wish Lists. Stay tuned as we roll the […]

Spotlight on Seaweed Bath Co’s Natural Hair Care Products

Spotlight on seaweed bath co’s natural hair care products

Seaweed. While it causes us a mini-heart-attack when we mistake it for a deadly fish, this sea plant receives far more appreciation in the beauty world! For years, seaweed has been used as a skin food, and is a welcome addition to any beauty product. From spirulina to seaweed flakes, the beauty world are huge […]