The 2021 Valentine’s Day Edit 💕

The Lovers card in tarot represents beautiful connections and, in its purest form, it talks of relationships that are meaningful and soul connected. So this Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate love in all of its forms – self-love, friendship, romantic love, soul mates, life partners. All of the good things that connect us to that vulnerable emotional place where growth and love blossom. Whatever type of love you choose to celebrate we have the perfect scented accompaniment.

Don’t forget, scent is our closest sense connected to memory so naturally when we talk about love we also talk about scent. And what better gift to give, whether a self-gift or to that special someone that you love.

We’ve rounded up our top picks that scream love – whether we’re talking passion, romance, friendship, we’ve got you covered in both fragrance and candle form.

scents for the passionate lovers

Our top perfume picks

  • Map of the Heart – Red Heart V.3 The Heart of Passion EDP

    With the bottle shaped as an anatomical heart, this Sydney based perfume house tells the story of our raw and honest emotions. Hot blooded passion, seduction, temptation and the power of a heartbeat with notes of Tuberose, Feijoa, Incense and Red Apple.

  • Orto Parisi – Seminalis Parfum

    The mysterious and erotic scent of sex. Inspired by a study that found that male sperm is attracted the scent of the female egg and therefore travels towards the scent to engulf itself in it. The scent of the female egg you ask – lily of the valley. But do not be fooled, this is no clean and pure floral scent, instead, Seminalis is a dirty, musky, powdery and woody fragrance.

  • Nasomatto – Narcotic V Parfum

    The fragrance inspired by the power of female sensuality, Narcotic V is an alluring, heady and powerful floral with notes of Tuberose and Gardenia. The Tuberose flower was banned to women during the renaissance as it was thought to be so seductive, it would turn them into wanton women.

  • Nasomatto – Duro Parfum

    With Duro meaning ‘hard’ in Italian, this fragrance is an ode to the intensity and the manifestations of masculinity. A fragrance that smells of crisp dry Leather, Spice and Wood, this Duro is bold and virile – a fragrance for those wanting to enhance their strength.

  • Juliette has a Gun – Lady Vengeance EDP

    Often referred to as our ‘sex bomb’ fragrance here at Lore, Lady Vengeance has an understated cool sexiness. It is the fragrance of a confident woman, with notes of Rose, Patchouli and Vanilla creating an old world charm and an elegant air of seduction.

scents for the romantics

  • Creed – Fleurissimo EDP 

    This fragrance was commissioned by Prince Rainier for Princess Grace to wear on their wedding day – an elegant white floral fragrance to compliment the bouquet that she was planning on walking down the aisle with. The ultimate in nostalgia, elegance and romance!

  • Eight & Bob – Nuit de Megève EDP

    Inspired by an evening Albert spent at chateau in Megeve. This was the fateful evening he met and fell in love with Annicke, therefore he had to recreate the wonderful memories of the night via scent so that he could capture that moment forever – the scent of the fireplace, creamy cocktails in hand and the warm woods of the grand chateau.

  • Penhaligon’s – Endymion EDC

    In Greek mythology, Endymion was Zeus’ most handsome son, and naturally Luna the goddess of the moon fell madly in love with him. Knowing he was mortal and could never truly be with her she cast a spell to put him into a perpetual slumber so she could lovingly gaze upon him as he slept with the seductively creamy notes of Coffee, Leather, Musk and Vetiver.

  • Eight & Bob – Annicke 4 EDP

    When Albert met Annicke in the 1930s and they fell madly in love – he was living in Paris and she was in Austria. A long distance love affair ensued and instead of love letters Albert created love fragrances inspired by the parks where they courted. Annicke 4 is inspired by a rose garden in Paris with over 9500 different varieties of rose. As you can imagine, this is the perfume to have for any rose fans out there, a sumptuous and complex rose based fragrance.

  • Miller et Bertaux – Close Your Eyes And… EDP

    That gentle moment when your close your eyes and your lover gently kisses the back of your neck. Your hair stands on end, all of your senses are alert and the romantic sweetness of this tender moment takes over. Much like the subtleness of a sneaky kiss, Close Your Eyes And….is soft and playful on the skin with notes of Rose, Jasmine, Pear, Cinnamon, Almond and Rosewood.

scents for the playful flirts

  • Lubin – Grisette EDP

    The ‘Grisettes’ were the women of Paris during the Belle Epoque era, these women often worked as seamstresses (Coco Chanel was considered a ‘Grisette’), then kicked up their heels at night. Independent, flirtatious and fun, the ‘Grisettes’ were the women you wanted to befriend and equally the women you wanted to be with! This fragrance is just as gorgeous, playful and effervescent as these women with notes of Rose, Grapefruit and Musk.

  • Carner Barcelona Latin Lover EDP

    A playful nod to a fiery and passionate Latin lover – think smooth seduction and hot blooded passion meets fragrance. Then throw in the frivolity and innocent excitement of a holiday lover and we get the gorgeously floral fragrance Latin Lover. With notes of Violet, Magnolia, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin and Musk.

  • Histoires de Parfums – 1969 EDP

    Inspired by the year 1969 and particularly the ‘Summer of Love’, 1969 is an ode to free love, sexuality, freedom, exploration and revolution! A seductively delicious fragrance with notes of Chocolate, Summer Fruits, Coffee and Resins to evoke the free spirited rebellion. Hot, sweaty summer nights and above all – sensuality.

  • Tokyo Milk – Dead Sexy EDP

    So sexy it’s almost criminal, Dead Sexy is full of mystery and allure. Like the person who leaves you wanting more, this is a scent of decadent, warm Vanilla and then rich and powerful woods to leave an enticing trail wherever you may go.

  • Beaufort London – The Iron Duke EDP

    Inspired by the Duke of Wellington, a charmer who would often stop to give adoring women a lock of his beloved horse Copenhagen’s hair as a memento of their time together. A dark, unique and complex fragrance that tells the tale of a charming warrior and his horse, The Iron Duke is both charming and bold. Smooth and sexy with animalic, smoky notes with a base of Leather, Gunpowder and Hay.

sexy scents for your home

Our top candle picks

  • Skandinavisk – Lempi Candle 

    The word Lempi is old Finnish for ‘love’ – in Finland they have an old saying that ‘love doesn’t have to be perfect, but genuine’. This candle is a romantic blend of Peony, Rose, Strawberry and Oakmoss.

  • Coreterno – The Wild Passion Candle

    One of our newest scents from Coreterno, launching at the perfect time! The Wild Passion is inspired by pure unadulterated seduction and passion. Maybe you’ve tasted the lips of a new lover and wild passion is taking over. With notes of Patchouli, Peony, Lemon Leaves, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Amber.

  • Babe Australia – Love Letter Candle 

    From one of our favourite local candle brands, Love Letter is the perfect gift when you want the candle to say it all for you! Born from the heart, Love Letter is an exotic and sensual blend of Violet Leaf, Fir Needle and Cashmere Woods.

  • Nook and Burrow – Love Potion Candle 

    Fun and playful, Love Potion is a beautiful and romantic blend of Peony, Vanilla and Wild Rose to entice your loved one or to bring romance to you!

  • Glasshouse Fragrance – Rendezvous Candle 

    A moment of locking eyes, that feeling of letting yourself give in to the moment, that memorable rendezvous in the middle of the night. This candle from Glasshouse embraces the passion with notes of Amber, Gardenia and Orchid.

  • Heretic Parfum – Slightly Bitter Candle

    For those who aren’t feeling the love this V Day or just maybe need a little chuckle, this tongue in cheek candle is from the natural fragrance house Heretic Parfum and smells slightly bitter yet also perfectly sweet! With notes of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Neroli, Tomato Leaf and Cassis this is sure to uplift even the most cynical!

  • Coreterno – The Gift of Love 

    Never surrender! Continue the fight for love, as we were all born to love. Part of the Aphrodite Collection, The Gift of Love encompasses the immortal energy of love with its unique and luxe vessel and its gourmand scent of Coffee, Pear, Jasmine, Vanilla and Cedarwood.

bougie burlesque striptease candles

  • Bougie Burlesque Striptease Candles

    This candle collection really needs its own section to take a minute to talk about how incredible they are! Working in collaboration with some wonderful burlesque muses such as Dita von Teese, Gia Genenvieve and Zelia Rose this collection has a very special place in our hearts! Using patented technology, these incredible candles actually do a striptease….as the vessel heats up, they reveal a sexy striptease while obviously smelling incredible. Cheeky, unique and memorable, these are the perfect Valentine’s gift!

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