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Enter the bewitching world of Narcotic V, a scented homage to the goddess Venus and the divine feminine. Narcotic V beckons you to embrace the very essence of your femininity, urging you to awaken the inner goddess that lies within.

Throughout history, flowers have symbolised womanhood, and to The Nose, a woman is akin to a wild flower – captivating, alluring, and mesmerising. Naturally therefore Narcotic V is intensely floral, harnessing the provocative allure of the Brazilian Moguba flower, as well as (we think!) tuberose, gardenia and jasmine.  

Narcotic V’s hypnotic floral intensity is flawlessly orchestrated, never veering into overpowering territory. It’s an ethereal bouquet of white floral nirvana with a subtle hint of a primal growl in its base, therefore covering all angles of the mesmerising feminine energy it embodies. This fragrance is an absolute favourite here at Lore – it’s the ultimate scent for someone wanting an alluring floral that gets noticed! 

The caps of the Narcotic V bottles are made out of zebrawood, a wildwood found in the jungles of Africa and Central America. 

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Alessandro Gualtieri

The beauty of Narcotic V lies in its simplicity – it lets pure, intense white florals speak for themselves. Fresh and bright, almost green, with a slightly animalic facet at times, just like the real flowers! It lasts wonderfully without being overwhelming – it will give you 8+ hours of wear on the skin, and even longer on clothes and hair! 

Narcotic V is an overdose of divine and intoxicating white florals. As you indulge in its essence, a wondrous vision emerges, reminiscent of Botticelli’s timeless masterpiece, “The Birth of Venus.” Like delicate petals cascading down from celestial realms, the fragrance showers you in a floral symphony, mirroring the ethereal scene where white flowers rain upon the graceful form of Venus. Her golden hair wraps around her in a divine embrace, she an emblem of the feminine mystique in its most captivating form.

Nasomatto, meaning “Crazy Nose” in Italian, is the brainchild of Alessandro Gualtieri, aka The Nose. The house was established in 2007 by Gualtieri as a desperate outburst after being restricted by the marketing regulations and trend forecasts imposed on him by the commercial multinational companies he had previously worked for. 
Therefore, each Nasomatto fragrance is an uninhibited, personal, artistic expression of Gualtieri’s. The Nose doesn’t believe in the olfactory pyramids, neither does he want to reveal the ingredients he uses. He wants those who smell his fragrances to be able to interpret scent in their own way, unencumbered by preconceived notions or biases, giving them the freedom to forge their own olfactory image. 
“I start making something but at a certain point it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling that I’m losing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive that will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slave to my meaning.” The Nose, Alessandro Gualtieri.
Gualtieri has a visceral relationship with materials, everything is decisive – top quality ingredients are chased around the world, bottles, caps and packaging are designed with each fragrance’s concept in mind – every element plays an important role and is part of a bigger picture. 

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2 reviews for Narcotic V Parfum 30ml.

  1. jessica

    This is the ultimate sexy, feminine floral that is perfect to wear out on hot summer nights. Love it, this is my signature scent!

  2. Ayesha Kaak

    Sharp bright white florals and jasmine initially. Settled into spice, tuberose and gardenia on my skin. Faintly rose-like after 6+hrs wear. I didn’t find the scent to be particularly long wearing but very much enjoyed it.

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