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Miss Charming EDP 100ml

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The perfume of a virgin witch – innocent yet provocative, elegant and at the same time sensual. At first glance, the miss appears rather pure. But don’t trust your intuition…if she’s a rose, don’t forget she’s got thorns. Miss Charming is the quiet one that you need to watch out for! A playful fragrance that combines ingenuousness and lucidity.

Top: Moroccan Rose
Middle: Lychee, Strawberry, Wild Berries 
Base: Musk    

Romano Ricci and Francis Kurkdjian

Miss Charming is a fun, fruity floral on the skin. The rose is definitely alive with juiciness from the berries! This perfume gets a little sweeter as it wears and the musk comes into play – a feminine and uplifting perfume with a cheeky flirtatious edge! The Juliette has a Gun range is a very concentrated juice so the longevity is generally around 8 hours – the silage is good without being overwhelming.

We love a flirty scent and this one is one of the best! Such a pretty, sparkling rose, that lasts all day and gets better and better on the skin. There is an incredible juiciness to the rose note in Miss Charming. When wearing this scent we feel so uplifted and fun – as the name suggests, Miss Chamring really is utterly charming on the skin. We can imagine wearing this with a gorgeous red or pink dress, soft and silky, a bit pretty and playful but then when you turn around the dress is backless and incredilby sexy. A bit of suprise but a lot of fun and perhaps a subtle undertone of sauciness coming through!

Created in 2005, Juliette has a Gun is the wonderful fragrance world of Romano Ricci. Born into fragrance royalty, Romano Ricci had perfume in his DNA as the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The Juliette has a Gun range was originally based solely around the rose – like a woman, Ricci says a rose is beautiful, intoxicating, delicate and thorny. The Juliette has a Gun range is contemporary, assertive and full of life. Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliette, however the modern Juliette in this story comes armed – she carries a weapon, her weapon is her scent. And she uses her scent for seduction, flirtation and provocation. Juliette has a gun is rock meet romance in a bottle.

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1 review for Miss Charming EDP 100ml.

  1. Rachel Donnelly

    Miss Charming has been a favourite of mine ever since I first gave it a sniff at Lore.

    Its undeniably feminine and playful, and has amazing staying power.

    Every time I wear it I get compliments on how beautiful I smell.

    While it is predominantly rosy, the complex scent is never cloying and still remains what, in my opinion, is a “modern” scent. It makes me feel gorgeous and confident when I wear it!

    This is not your grandma’s rose!

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