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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, those who live nearby get to actually see our mums – we’re not desperately checking the tracking details to make sure our Mother’s Day gift arrives in time like last year in the midst of early lockdown! We can actually celebrate family after a pretty challenging year and make the most of …

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International Fragrance Day

One of our favourite days of the year is March 21st. Why you may ask, well its International Fragrance Day of course! A day to celebrate what we truly love here at Lore Perfumery and a day to share in our passion for fragrance with our wonderful community. Perfume has the power to change your mood …

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Us babes tried Babe Australia’s new body care range and this is the verdict! 💕

We have stocked the Babe Australia range for quite a few years now and we have to say, they just keep delivering the goods! Originally, BabeScrub, the brand started out selling body care products including one of our best sellers the Body Soufflé in Verbena Gypsy. Babe then delved into the skincare realm and produced …

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Our Story: Lore Perfumery Day 1

How weird is it when things just fall into place and everything around you starts happening serendipitously? After working at the iconic Kleins Perfumery together, Jade and I started a normal conversation one summery day which ended in us discussing what would happen if we were to open our own store and take over the …

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