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Getting to know the brand – Eight and Bob

We absolutely love the Eight and Bob collection at Lore Perfumery. The stories are beautiful, the scents are so evocative and we love that each fragrance really captures a time and a place.
And as Father’s Day is fast approaching, it occurred to us that Eight and Bob really is the perfect gift for dad. Its unique, it has a great story and to be honest, each fragrance is beautiful.

While the Original from Eight and Bob is always very loved and it is one of our most popular scents here at Lore, the range has something for everyone. And not only that, we also have mini 20ml travel sizes and we just launched amazing Discovery Sets for the dad who just wants to try it all first!

We decided to break down the Eight and Bob range to make it easy to work out which Eight and Bob your dad/partner/you fits into so read on to learn more!

eight & bob

Eight and Bob the Original – Its pretty hard to go past the scent that JFK wore in his early 20’s. Refined yet also relaxed with fresh, warm notes and a unique earthy base.

Eight and Bob Cap d’Antibes – The French Riviera…luxury yachts, crystal blue waters, grand villas and fun filled nights were some of Albert’s fondest memories. Aromatic and aquatic, this is the scent of luxury holidays.

Eight and Bob Champs de Provence – Memories of spring time in Provence, this scent captures the fresh and exuberant aroma of the countryside. Fruits, flowers and herbs all in bloom at once, this scent is romantic and uplifting.

Eight and Bob Egypt – Exotic and mesmerising, the gentle spices and earthy notes of a wonderful trip exploring the home of fragrance, Egypt. This scent is pretty sexy on the skin, warm and intoxicating.

Eight and Bob Mémoires de Mustique – Memories of tropical holidays on the exclusive Caribbean island Mustique. Impressive landscapes and sunsets that go on forever, this is such a bright and sparkly citrus scent. Perfect for anyone yearning for warm summer days!

Eight and Bob Nuit de Megève – One magical evening at a friend’s chateau in Megeve, Albert met and fell in love with Annicke. With Albert based in Paris and Annicke in Austria, so began a long distance love affair. A romantic at heart, Albert decided to recreate the scent of their first encounter to forever cement that evening in his memory. Warm, slightly smoky and earthy, Megeve is the scent of a seduction.

eight and bob

To learn a little more about the fragrance with a history we chatted to the lovely Francesca of Eight and Bob and wanted to pass on all of her wisdom. We all love to get to know our brands a little deeper so thought what better way!

QnA with Francesca

L- Our customers absolutely love Eight and Bob, as I’m sure you can imagine the Original scent is always the top of the list. People love the unique scent and the romantic story, we’d love to know a little more about the Original…what makes it so special?

F- The Original is the masterpiece of Albert Fouquet and the perfume that JKF fell in love with. The soul of the perfume of the Eight & Bob Original scent is the extract from Andrea plant that Fouquet found in the Andes Mountain during a trip of Chile. A work of great research, an attitude to detail and uniqueness that allowed him to create a timeless, elegant perfume for the most distinguished men and women.

L- The use of the Andrea plant in Eight and Bob is renowned, how would you describe the mysterious scent of the Andrea plant?

F- Andrea Plant, the name that Albert Fouquet gave to it, is a wild, aromatic plant that only blooms in the high altitude and in a limited area of Andes in Chile. Its scent is so precious which helps to make Albert’s perfume so exclusive.

L- Can you tell us a bit about Albert Fouquet, the man behind the brand?

F- Albert Fouquet was the creator of Eight & Bob. The son of a Parisian aristocrat, he was part of the French elite society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. His passion was to create elaborate perfumes for his own personal use. His fame quickly spread across the European elite of the early 20th century and it quickly became a real milestone to obtain one of Fouquet’s exclusive and precious perfumes. Albert loved travel in exclusive resorts and exotic places which are all represented in his fragrances.

L- Each scent is inspired by Albert’s favourite places, his exotic getaways, is there a new scent on the horizon? And where could it possibly be referencing?

F- Every day we are studying the fantastic life of Albert, his adventurous journeys, the exotic places and memories that he brings back in his fragrances; An artist who has left to us a treasure in the world of perfumery and who will continue to amaze the audience, so wait and soon Albert will come back to surprise you!

L- The story speaks of the butler taking over the role of perfumer after Albert passed, these days who has taken over the reigns of Eight and Bob?

F- Albert Fouquet died in a fatal accident, but the requests of the perfumes continued to increase from his American audience, friends and acquaintances of J.F.K. Such requests were followed up by Philippe, his butler, who would hide the bottles in books carefully punched by hand, to prevent that the Nazis seizing the perfumes. Due to World War II, Philippe had to leave his job with the Fouquet family but the perfume, thanks to careful protection has remained frozen in time. With permission from Albert’s extended family, Eight & Bob the company can share these wonderful creations with the world today.

L- You’ve just launched the Women’s Annicke collection to complement the original line up, what inspired this?

F- The Annicke collection was launched in 2018 and we have just completed the line with the three last fragrances. We launched Annicke in order to revive those fragrances that had inspired Albert in every meeting with his beloved – the memory of the beauty and exquisite personality of Annicke. This launch is a tribute to all those women who today want to feel like Annicke.

Thanks so much Francesca!

Hope that you all loved hearing more about the Eight and Bob collection as much as we did. Stay tuned, as we’ll be breaking down the utterly incredible Eight and Bob Annicke collection soon too!

Until then,
Love, Lore x

eight and bob

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