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Dr Hauschka Review: Our Team Tried The Dr. Hauschka Range And This Is What Happened!

Organic, biodynamic, natural, developed by a chemist…the claims for Dr. Hauschka sound amazing but we know what you really want to know, does it actually work?

One of the first things we are asked by customers in our store is “what do you use?” Our customers want to know what cleanser we use, the order in which we apply all of our serums, what skin type we have and how good that mask is they are eyeing off.

Shopping online isn’t as easy, we get it, you don’t have an amazing (if we do say so ourselves 😉) staff member letting you know the ins-and-outs of their skincare routine and how it worked/didn’t work for them so we are trying to change that. Moving forward you will see more informative and personal blog posts from us and videos on our social media. 💞

To start, we road tested a few of our best-selling products to give you an insight into one of our fav brands Dr Haushcka.

We hope you enjoy our reviews below.

Lore x

dr. haushcka

I tried the Regenerating Day Cream, Revitalising Mask and Night Serum from the Dr. Hauschka range. All three products were great, I used the Regenerating Day Cream as my Daily Moisturiser and it felt so lovely – it was quite lightweight (but still nourishing as my skin is on the drier side…especially at this time of year), it sat beautifully underneath my makeup and smelt gorgeous. I’d probably need to use the moisturiser for a little longer to see anti ageing results but I loved how soft and smooth my complexion felt and looked. I just felt like my skin looked refreshed from using this moisturiser!

The Revitalising Mask was also a winner – it was a gorgeous light consistency that sunk into my skin straight away. I used a tiny amount and applied it like I would my moisturiser, then left it on overnight (rather than washing off like I often do with other face masks). Because of the consistency, this mask feels amazing. I wore it as my moisturiser once or twice a week, which was so convenient and loved that every time I used it, I would wake up to skin looking hydrated, glowing and even in tone (no more redness!) in the morning – so easy and effective!

The Night Serum was such a beautiful consistency that would sink into my skin so quickly and easily – a tiny bit goes a long way. Having slightly dry and definitely dehydrated skin, this serum left me feeling lightly hydrated (but not needing more), refreshed and really calmed down at the end of the day.

– Jess

dr. hauschka

I tested the Dr Hauschka products and really loved all of them, I had never tried these particular products before and now I can see why they are so popular. Even though I only tested the products for a week, they made my skin feel and look beautiful. My favourite product was the Melissa Day Cream. It smells amazing! Even my partner commented on how good it smelt. It made my skin look so bright and smooth, some days I didn’t even feel the need to put make up on. I am actually obsessed with this now and it is my new daily face cream.


I’ve used bits and pieces from the Dr. Hauschka range for years and have always loved the ethos behind the brand, the quality of ingredients and the scent has always drawn me in as they smell so amazing! For this review I tried the Hydrating Cream Mask, the Night Serum & the new Eye Makeup Remover.

It was the first time I have ever tried the Hydrating Cream Mask and I am almost upset with myself for never picking this product up! I am a mask addict. I probably use them more than you are meant to (is there really such a thing!?) but this one really stood out. Firstly, the smell…ahh, like I mentioned above all Dr. Hauschka products smell ahhhhmazing, but this mask was such a delight to use. I am one of the lucky ones who has a deep tub at home so I have been enjoying this mask whilst relaxing in a bubble bath. The mask itself isn’t a drying clay mask, it doesn’t really dry at all. As it does its magic the mask almost turns clear and the oils glistens on the skin. My skin afterwards was super soft, hydrated and plump. I even wore this to bed as an overnight, intensive mask, which worked wonders – but don’t use too much as your hair will stick to it!

The Night Serum I have used before and it is something that I rotate in my routine. This product is absolutely beautiful! It is one of the nicest feeling serums I have ever used. It doesn’t leave my skin sticky or tacky. It absorbs literally instantly, it is like magic. Most nights I go to bed covered in oil and basically slide into bed so every now and then it is nice to use this and only this and go to bed let my skin do its job!

The Eye Makeup Remover is a new product from Dr. Hauschka and I was very excited to try it out as I wear matte, bold lippies almost every day so taking off my makeup can usually be a chore. This product was lovely and did take off my makeup before following with a cleansing cream or lotion, my only issue is that I had to use so much as I do wear more of a heavy face of makeup. I think this product would be perfect for those who don’t wear heavy makeup and have issues with most makeup removers drying their skin. The oil/water combo is quite interesting for a natural product and it does leave a nice feeling on the skin.

– Jade



I really loved the Night Serum, the lightweight texture of this serum especially drew me in, as it really sunk into the skin and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or tacky at all. Upon waking in the morning I noticed my skin felt soft and hydrated and with continued use, the skin slowly balanced itself out, without producing too much excess oil like other night serums have done to my skin. I love that its a one step process with Dr. Hauschka’s night routine, it’s as simple as doing your regular nightly cleanse then popping on the serum and heading straight to bed – the night serum works its magic whilst you sleep. So easy and effective, its one product that all skin types can benefit from.

The Revitalising Mask is a must for everyone, anyone looking for hydration, balancing and overall skin-loving benefits! I used this as an over-night mask, applied a small layer and slept the night away whilst the mask did its thing, in the morning I gave my face a quick rinse to reveal a fresher and brighter looking complexion. Unlike many other masks, this one is as light as a feather, and sinks into the skin immediately, a real winner of a mask for anyone looking for a bit more oomph from their skin, and wanting to smooth any little fine lines and plumps of texture.

The Revitalising Day Cream is amazing, (the consistency of a lotion) so it melts into the skin quickly and leave the skin instantly feeling plump and hydrated. A daily moisturiser that holds to the skin and doesn’t create an oily film. Perfect for under makeup as it softens and smooths the skin for a flawless application. You only need a small amount of this cream, as a little goes a long way, which is great! After a good month of use, you’ll notice the skin looking more vibrant and feeling softer to touch, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

– Hannah

dr. hauschka

The Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask is exactly that. Not only did my skin feel deliciously firm, it also felt soft, rejuvenated & dare I say it…a little plump, or perhaps well, youthful & well nourished is a better term!! Either way it felt happy, as was I with the result.

Simply put, the Night Serum is pretty much the only night serum I would recommend, if…like me…you struggle with the ‘less is more’ night time skin care routine, as it’s the only night serum I’ve used yet that doesn’t leave my skin wanting for more moisture & leaves it perfectly prepped & ready for my moisturiser upon waking.

Which leads finally, to the Quince Day Cream that I also adore, giving me just the right combination of nourishment & protection from the elements, whatever the weather & season. For me, they are all the perfect example of the symbiosis of nature & science that Dr. Hauschka are renowned for.

– Clea

I love the consistency of the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. I found it to be really hydrating but not too heavy on my skin. I especially enjoy using it in autumn/winter as it is richer than my usual daily moisturiser. It smells amazing too!

I also tried the Facial Toner which I really love. It’s easy to apply and soaks into skin instantly. It has a beautiful smell and has helped balance out my complexion. I’d recommend this toner for anyone with sensitive skin.

Using the Revitalising Mask, I liked the consistency of this mask and it did not feel heavy on my skin. My skin looked refreshed and glowing. I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone after some extra hydration and perfect for the changing seasons. A great addition to my typical skincare routine!

– Sophie

The things that I loved about the Dr. Hauschka Night Serum is that it is quite gel-like in texture, and that a little bit goes a long way. The lovely fragrance was so refreshing with the apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extracts, along with a hint of witch hazel (that helps to heal and treat my skin). Dr. Hauschka recommends applying the serum in a thin layer after cleansing and toning in the evening and spreading the serum around the face and neck. It felt cooling and soothing upon application and took a little while to dry down, but didn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable at all. I would highly recommend this product for all skin types as it is a gentle, fast, active treatment for the skin. Luxurious and full of goodness, leaving you feeling ready to conquer the next day.

The Clarifying Toner is absolutely perfect for me as I have oily skin. This toner helps clarify my complexion by refining the appearance of large pores. Infused with ingredients such as anthyllis, calendula, nasturtium, echinacea, witch hazel and daisy which is a delight to spray and very refreshing – it also gives a good consistent long spray. This mist toner helps reduce blemishes and redness to leave you with clear, naturally soothed skin.

If you have a late night out and your eye makeup is hard to get off the Eye Makeup Remover is perfect. So gentle, yet with one swipe on a cotton pad your makeup is removed. I love that this remover is a calming blend of anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil to lift away impurities while also reinforcing the skin barrier. It is great for sensitive skin as it calms redness and I feel it is a must in everyone’s beauty regime.

– Courtney

I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Cleansing Milk and am kicking myself for not trying the Cleansing Cream sooner! This powerhouse gritty cleanser was great for my sometimes dry skin, it resurfaced and left my face silky smooth. I used this every second day, at night, and loved the results.

Okay, the Night Serum might be my top Dr. Hauschka product and potentially my top night cream. Rather than the heavy creams I’ve used in the past, this slippery serum was light as a feather but not to be underestimated, in the morning I would splash my face with water (to wake my sleepy self up) and this serum had held on all night! Not only that but my skin was balanced. Dry areas & potential blemishes didn’t stand a chance.

I have tried both the Hydrating and Revitalising masks from Dr. Hauschka and they both have positives but I personally prefer the Revitalising Mask. My skin is prone to breakouts and this slightly lighter cream was perfection to repair and hydrate without angering potential pimples. I would recommend this mask to anyone who has problem skin, a few dry spots and a few blemishes, it made my skin balanced, plumped and super smooth (and it smelled delish – if you love the Quince Day Cream this is one for you).

– Laura

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