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27 87, learn about this wonderful Spanish fragrance line

27 87, learn about this wonderful spanish fragrance line

With the launch of 27 87’s newest fragrance Flaneur, we thought what better time than now to take a deep dive into the range. A unique and incredibly modern collection, 27 87 was created by Romy Kowalewski in 2016. With a vision to create fragrance that enhanced the wearer’s moment, the here and now – […]

Woody Mood

Woody mood

As the days get cooler and shorter we start bringing out the woody fragrances, for us and our home! Now, there is no rule when it comes to fragrance. Here at Lore we are all about wearing whatever you like. We don’t believe in the traditional men’s and women’s fragrances…fragrance to us is genderless and […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day gift guide

This Mother’s Day, those who live nearby get to actually see our mums – we’re not desperately checking the tracking details to make sure our Mother’s Day gift arrives in time like last year in the midst of early lockdown! We can actually celebrate family after a pretty challenging year and make the most of […]

Not a Blog Post 💋

Not a blog post 💋

Introducing NOT A COLLECTION by one of our most popular and loved brands – Juliette has a Gun. This range is based around Not a Perfume. Quite simply, this iconic scent is a pheromone based fragrance that is different on everyone due to our natural skin scent. We like to think of Not a Perfume […]

An Easter to indulge!

An easter to indulge!

This Easter it’s a time for indulgence in more ways than one. While we love some choccy and some wine with loved ones,  a little Easter egg hunt, and of course some down time over the long weekend, we also love the sensory experience, and that’s where fragrance comes in. And this year we thought […]

A week with Juliette has a Gun

A week with juliette has a gun

One of our most popular ranges here at Lore Perfumery is Juliette has a Gun. We love it! It really has something for everyone and is unique yet beautifully wearable. The product that really flies off the shelves both in store and online is the Discovery Set. This little baby is the ultimate way to […]

Mihan Aromatics – our favourite local perfumers

Mihan aromatics – our favourite local perfumers

In case you haven’t heard, we now have local Fitzroy perfumers that are really making some waves! Mihan Aromatics are a new perfume house (launched in 2017) by our local mates, married couple Josh and Jules. All hand made in Fitzroy, this unisex perfume collection is created to conjure heartache, hubris and harmony. To be […]

The Australian landscape with Goldfield & Banks

The australian landscape with goldfield & banks

One of our most popular ranges at Lore Perfumery is the locally made Goldfield & Banks. A unique and pioneering perfume collection that really captures the Australian landscape through fragrance in a sophisticated and wonderful way. The first luxury perfume brand to come out of Australia, and to hero our native ingredients, Goldfield & Banks […]

Our scandalous sandalwood….Scandalwood 💕

Our scandalous sandalwood….scandalwood 💕

Scandalwood, you might’ve heard us mention it once, twice or 50 times. Its been our best selling fragrance at Lore 2 years running which is no easy feat given the calibre of niche fragrance that we stock! Why is so popular you may ask? Well let me tell you all about it… Scandalwood is created […]

International Fragrance Day 2021

International fragrance day 2021

One of our favourite days of the year is March 21st. Why you may ask, well its International Fragrance Day of course! A day to celebrate what we truly love here at Lore Perfumery and a day to share in our passion for fragrance with our wonderful community. Perfume has the power to change your mood […]

The 2021 Valentine’s Day Edit 💕

The 2021 valentine’s day edit 💕

The Lovers card in tarot represents beautiful connections and, in its purest form, it talks of relationships that are meaningful and soul connected. So this Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate love in all of its forms – self-love, friendship, romantic love, soul mates, life partners. All of the good things that connect us to […]

Lore’s 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Lore’s 2020 christmas gift guide

2020 has been over in a flash! What a year! There doesn’t seem to be a better time than right now to really shower the ones that we love with festive cheer, to treat ourselves (think we all deserve it!) and of course to support the local brands and stores that we love. Given it […]

Get to know Goldfield and Banks

Get to know goldfield and banks

Now is the perfect time to embrace all of what Australia offers and in particular, support the local brands doing good things out there. Those smaller niche brands creating something unique and special in our own backyard. And that’s exactly what the Goldfield & Banks perfume line does. One of our most popular ranges at […]

Perfume by the Stars!

Perfume by the stars!

Heavens…it’s that time of year again. That time when all things mythic, mysterious and magickal become the focus for a day and night and the luminaries, ethers and elements that influence our earthy realm, become things that most of us pay a little more attention to than usual. The time of year when the veil […]

The Power of Scent 👃🌹☕

The power of scent 👃🌹☕

Right now while there is so much uncertainty in the world, it’s important to appreciate the smaller things in our day to day life. Diverting out attention to the things that fill us up and bring joy to the day; taking the time to smell the roses, as they say. Some of the little things […]

Plant Magic with Heretic Parfum 🌿🌠

Plant magic with heretic parfum 🌿🌠

Welcome to the wonderful world of Heretic Parfum; a fragrance collection inspired by nature. Made from 100% naturally derived botanical ingredients, Heretic lives up to their namesake by stirring up the status quo in the fragrance world. With an ethos of complete transparency, Heretic Parfum is non-gendered fragrances (and candles) that are free from synthetics, […]

We love a man in a floral fragrance…🌹🌼

We love a man in a floral fragrance…🌹🌼

While we make no secret of our love for florals here at Lore, we thought we’d throw the reigns over to our wonderful team member Brandon to talk about his love of florals from a mans perspective. Now there’s something so good about a man rocking a full on floral, it screams confidence, an adventurous […]

Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Father’s day 2020 gift guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 6th September) we got to thinking about our dads and how this year is going to be pretty different with lock down regulations in place (for us here in Melbourne anyway!). While we may not be able to see our dads, take them out for a pub […]

Our 5 favourite winter fragrances ❄

Our 5 favourite winter fragrances ❄

Winter has really hit here in Melbourne. The daylight hours are shorter, we can feel the ice in the air coming down from the snowfields, we are rugging up and layering (as us Melbournian’s do best! 😎) and we don’t know about you guys but we are reaching for our rich, earthy, woody and warming […]

Brand Spotlight – L’Artisan Parfumeur

Brand spotlight – l’artisan parfumeur

The wonderful and unique world of niche perfumery all began with L’Artisan Parfumeur. They were the niche perfume house to really start it all – as people began to move away from the big commercial brands to smaller, niche brands. L’Artisan Parfumeur really paved the way for an amazing array of niche perfume houses that […]

Our team reviews the Juliette has a Gun Discovery Kit!

Our team reviews the juliette has a gun discovery kit!

Juliette has a Gun was our best selling fragrance brand of 2019. We just love the brand at Lore and the discovery kit is one of our best selling products in store. Selling hundreds per year, instore and online, it has proven to be a go-to for gifting, people new to the range and also […]

Top 10 Perfumes For Mother’s Day 2020

Top 10 perfumes for mother’s day 2020

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, things are going to be a fair bit different this year! Whether you have a Mum, or a mother figure in your life, maybe your Dad is your Mum, or your Aunt or a close family friend is the person that you look up to and want to […]

Lore’s Top Pamper Picks For Mum This Mother’s Day

Lore’s top pamper picks for mum this mother’s day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whilst this year is going to be quite different for a lot of us there are still many ways we can celebrate our Mums and Mum figures in our lives. Whether it is zoom brunching, gorgeous flowers dropped at her door, a hamper of her favourite foods […]

Australian Fragrance 💕

Australian fragrance 💕

When you think of big perfume houses, you usually think France. Maybe Italy too. Sometimes England. Europe in general is the home of fragrance though. But the thing is, here in Australia we have some of the most incredible raw ingredients that are used in fine fragrance. We export so many of our native ingredients […]

Top 10 Perfumes of 2019

Top 10 perfumes of 2019

Welcome to 2020! While the year has started in a very sad way here in Australia (see our post here), we’re sending love to all affected by the fires. ❤ We wanted to take a chance to thank you all for your support throughout 2019 and take a moment to reflect on the year that […]

NEW BRAND: Naomi Goodsir

New brand: naomi goodsir

We are incredibly excited to launch the Naomi Goodsir perfume collection here at Lore this month. This is a perfume collection that we’ve been coveting for some time – Naomi Goodsir has been winning all of the awards and her perfume line is the perfume for perfume lovers! Originally from Sydney, Naomi Goodsir built her […]

Our top 20 perfumes for Christmas – Festive Menu style! 🎄🌟🎁🎅

Our top 20 perfumes for christmas – festive menu style! 🎄🌟🎁🎅

Lore’s top 20 perfumes for Christmas Carner Barcelona – Rose and Dragon EDP 50ml $264 Penhaligon’s – Juniper Sling 100ml EDT $279 Naomatto – Baraonda Parfum 30ml $264 Lubin – Grisette EDP 100ml $299 Carthusia – Mediterraneo EDP 100ml $175 P. Frapin & Cie – Nevermore EDP 100ml $229  L’Artisan – Noir Exquis EDP 100ml […]

How to choose a perfume for a gift: our top 5 tips!

How to choose a perfume for a gift: our top 5 tips!

PERFUME GIFTING MADE EASY! Giving the gift of perfume is the gift that keeps on giving! Perfume will create memories and connections for both yourself and the recipient. When you gift someone a perfume that you have chosen especially for them, it is one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts you can give! And […]


Not a review for not a perfume…😉

To people new to the Juliette has a Gun Collection, the whole concept of Not a Perfume can sound weird, wonderful and confusing all at once. And now they’ve launched Not a Collection with Not a Perfume Superdose. Does this mean double the confusion? Hopefully not after you’ve read this… The original Not a Perfume […]

Spellbinding Scents & Bewitching Beauty

Spellbinding scents & bewitching beauty

Our top 10 spellbinding scents for Halloween 1. Heretic – Poltergeist EDP 15ml $99/ 50ml $250 2. Demeter – Elvira’s Sexy Witch EDC 30ml $29.95 3. Diane Pernet – In Pursuit of Magic EDP 30ml $209 4. Carner Barcelona – Palo Santo EDP 50ml $154/ 100ml $220 5. Demeter – Funeral Home EDC 30ml $29.95 […]

Juliette has a Gun – Meet the family

Juliette has a gun – meet the family

The Juliette has a Gun collection (or ‘episodes’ as Romano refers to each of his fragrances as) tells the story of Juliette’s evolution as a woman. A collection of romantic, seductive perfumes – the Juliette has a Gun line covers all bases. Created in 2005 by Romano Ricci, and initially working with rose as the […]

Our Top 10 Perfumes For Spring!

Our top 10 perfumes for spring!

1. Narcotic V – Nasomatto Parfum Extract 30ml $264 2. Gallivant – London Eau de Parfum 30ml $154 3. One Seed – Freedom Eau de Parfum 30ml $89 4. Eight and Bob – Champs de Provence Eau de Parfum 20ml $77/ 100ml $242 5. Fragonard – Bigarade Jasmin Eau de Parfum 50ml $89.95 6. Heretic […]

Getting to know the brand – Q&A with Dimitri from Goldfield & Banks

Getting to know the brand – q&a with dimitri from goldfield & banks

At Lore Perfumery, we just adore the Goldfield and Banks collection. We love this selection of 7 fragrances that take us on a unique and beautiful journey across Australia, using the best ingredients this country has to offer, whilst conjuring vivid imagery of our beautiful landscape. The curated collection of fragrances include: Goldfield and Banks […]

Getting to know the brand – Eight and Bob

Getting to know the brand – eight and bob

We absolutely love the Eight and Bob collection at Lore Perfumery. The stories are beautiful, the scents are so evocative and we love that each fragrance really captures a time and a place. And as Father’s Day is fast approaching, it occurred to us that Eight and Bob really is the perfect gift for dad. […]

Orchids & Peonies Perfume Q&A Blog Post

Orchids & peonies perfume q&a blog post

Jade chatted with Fiona from Orchids & Peonies about all things fragrance! We just love this blog post Fiona put together, have a read below! x Perfume 101 With Jade from Lore Perfumery If there is an area in beauty that I have really enjoyed experiencing and exploring as of it late, it is fragrance. […]

Mother’s Day Q&A with the Mums of Lore!

Mother’s day q&a with the mums of lore!

Happy Mother’s Day! Obviously Jade and I have the same mum, so my Q&A is about celebrating Mother’s Day with my 8 year old son, Charlie! 💕 What is your favourite memory of celebrating Mother’s Day with Charlie? Last year Charlie was so sweet. He let me sleep in, made me a beautiful card with […]

10 Perfumes Your Mum Will Love This Mother’s Day!

10 perfumes your mum will love this mother’s day!

TOP 10 MOTHER’S DAY PERFUMES 1. Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom Parfum Extract 100ml $249 2. Eight and Bob – Annicke 2 Eau de Parfum 100ml $264 3. Fragonard – Emilie Eau de Parfum 60ml $150 4. Acqua di Parma – Peonia Nobile Eau de Parfum 50ml $167/ 100ml $239 5. Frapin – 1270 […]

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

The ultimate mother’s day gift guide 2019

🌼 Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to make things super easy for spoiling Mum this year we have put together our first ever GIFT GUIDE! 💜 Our guide is 19 pages jam packed full of information! Stories from the Mums of Lore, gift ideas for any type of Mum and so much more. It […]

Top 10 Autumn Perfumes

Top 10 autumn perfumes

TOP 10 AUTUMN PERFUMES 1. Mihan Aromatics – Mikado Bark Eau de Parfum100ml $190 2. Orto Parisi – Bergamask Parfum Extract 50ml $286 3. Carner Barcelona – Tardes Eau de Parfum 50 ml $154/ 100ml $220 4. Lubin – Black Jade Eau de Parfum 100ml $299 5. Acqua di Parma – Ginepro di Sardegna Eau […]

How to pick the perfect wedding perfume…

How to pick the perfect wedding perfume…

You’ve probably heard already about how scent is so closely linked with memory. Remember that perfume your mum wore as you were growing up? Or the smells from your grandparents’ house? Or even the smell of your favourite childhood food? How about the first perfume you bought when you were 15 years old and drenched […]

The Best Perfumes For Valentine’s Day Gifts

The best perfumes for valentine’s day gifts

The top 10 perfumes for Valentine’s Day 2019.  1. Fragonard – Reine des Coeurs 50ml EDP $135 2. Carner Barcelona – Besos 50ml EDP $154 3. Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom 100ml Parfum $249 4. Eight and Bob – Nuit de Megève 100ml EDP $264 5. Eight and Bob – Annicke 1 100ml EDP […]

Q & A with Sara Carner from Carner Barcelona…

Q & a with sara carner from carner barcelona…

Hi Sara, thanks so much for your time. We absolutely love the Carner Barcelona range here at Lore Perfumery and wanted to get to know a little bit more about you and your incredible brand with a quick q & a… What are your earliest and most fond memories with fragrance from childhood? I was […]

Fragrance 101 Part 2

Fragrance 101 part 2

Make sure you have read FRAGRANCE 101 PART 1 – Click here to read first What are fragrance notes? How to wear perfume? Now that we’ve covered the foundations of fragrance types, lets go a little deeper into the world of perfume. In this post, we’re delving into the notes, the way fragrance is composed […]

Top 10 Perfumes of 2018

Top 10 perfumes of 2018

Frapin’s 1270 Juliette has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance Nasomatto’s Narcotic V Nasomatto’s Black Afgano Goldfield and Banks’ Pacific Rock Moss Orto Parisi’s Terroni Juliette has a Gun’s Sunny Side Up Frapin’s The Orchid Man Eight and Bob Acca Kappa’s Black Pepper and Sandalwood The list is out, we have our official top 10 fragrances from […]

Lore’s Christmas Perfume Wish List

Lore’s christmas perfume wish list

Lore’s Christmas Wish List Christmas is just around the corner! At Lore, we love the festive season…spoiling the people you love as well as yourself. Getting excited and sending some pretty big hints about what we’re eyeing off this year, we’ve put together some of our Christmas Wish Lists. Stay tuned as we roll the […]

Fragrances for the Rock Star

Fragrances for the rock star

Rock Star fragrances…pairing your scent to your gig ? Certain things just naturally go together – cheese and wine, rum and coke, ice cream and milo ?….right?! So why not pair your fragrance to certain moments in time? Two of the most evocative experiences are music and scent so it makes sense to pair the two! Clea, our […]

Perfect Fragrances Based On Your Star Sign

Perfect fragrances based on your star sign

While its all a bit of fun, we delve into your horoscopes general characteristics and then pair them to complementing fragrances in our extensive range. Let the stars guide you to your next perfume…   Aries – The first sign of the zodiac – loud, passionate and full of life. The effervescence of a child, […]

Fragrance 101 Part 1

Fragrance 101 part 1

What is the difference between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum? Perfume, scent, fragrance, cologne – it can get a little confusing and be a bit daunting, right? Sometimes we think we’re using the right terminology and we’re on completely different pages. That’s totally OK though – that’s our job at Lore to take the stress […]

My First Perfume Masterclass in Melbourne with Lore

My first perfume masterclass in melbourne with lore

As a beginner in the fragrance world, working at Lore Perfumery has taught me a great deal about the art of niche perfume. I now understand, you cannot ever have enough facial masks, and that having a different scent for day and night is one of the most alluring accessories of them all. I’ve also […]

Fragrance Personality – Rock Star

Fragrance personality – rock star

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz!  Mostly E’s = You love a cold beer in a dive bar listening to your favourite band play live. You want something unique and different, you hate having the same thing as everyone else. We’re going a little grungier […]

Fragrance Personality – Romantic

Fragrance personality – romantic

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz!  Mostly Ds = So you’re looking for the perfect scent for the big day. Or you’re just a romantic at heart and after a fragrance that makes you feel as beautiful and feminine as the blushing bride! Uber feminine and […]

Fragrance Personality – Bold & Strong

Fragrance personality – bold & strong

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz!  Mostly Cs = Bold and strong, you want a fragrance that makes an entrance. This is the realm of feminine yet powerful. You love culture and romance, and also have a penchant for the finer things in life. Your […]

Fragrance Personality – Summer Adventure

Fragrance personality – summer adventure

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz!  Mostly Bs = You’re dreaming of summer, holidays and beach adventures! You love a pristine white beach, lying out in the sun, relaxing in clear blue waters and wearing no shoes for days on end. You love a warm […]

Fragrance Personality – Clean & Floral

Fragrance personality – clean & floral

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz!  Mostly As = You want a fragrance that you can wear as your signature scent – something not too overpowering to wear day to day, but transitions well to night. You like something gentle, clean and feminine. We have chosen […]

Introducing olfactive studio…

Introducing olfactive studio…

When the eye meets the nose. Olfactive Studio was created by Celine Verleure in September 2011. After working extensively in the perfume world, Celine launched a blog as the beginning of her new creative project. This blog was a means to communicate with her audience, speak to the people about what fragrances were yet to […]

Celebrate your girl gang: International Women’s Day gifts

Celebrate your girl gang: international women’s day gifts

Happy International Women’s Day! Inspired by the day and all of the wonderful women surrounding us, we picked our favourite scents to celebrate. And a big shout out to all of the sassy and fabulous women we work alongside, to our gorgeous ladies who shop with us and all of the amazing women that play […]

Popular Perfume Brands: Spotlight on Histoires De Parfums

Popular perfume brands: spotlight on histoires de parfums

Diving deep into the world of French niche perfume brand Histoires de Parfums – this collection of perfumes, launched in the year 2000 originally focused on different decades and introduced to different characters of the literary world. From the incredible imagination of Gerald Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is an olfactive library telling stories of famous […]

Love Is In The Air: Fragrances For Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air: fragrances for valentine’s day

So whether you’ve got a special little Valentine that you’re looking to spoil, a friend that you’re wanting to pep up or you just want to indulge in self gifts (the best kind right?) here is my list of the sexiest scents for V Day!   Frapin 1270 – Frapin make the best cognac in the […]

Popular Perfume Brands: Spotlight on Demeter

Popular perfume brands: spotlight on demeter

Ever wondered what a Thunderstorm smells like? Or Kitten Fur? Or a Watermelon Lollipop? Well we’ve got you covered with the fragrance library by Demeter. Created in 1996, Demeter was born out of a desire to capture the beautiful smells of nature, hence their namesake Demeter the Greek Goddess of Agriculture.  The first three scents […]

Popular Perfume Brands: Spotlight on Fragonard

Popular perfume brands: spotlight on fragonard

If you’ve not experienced this beautiful perfume house then you’re missing out… Fragonard, named after the famous painter was founded in Grasse over a century ago by Eugene Fuchs. As the business continued to grow it was passed from father to son and eventually to the daughters Agnes and Francoise who are currently at the […]

Jess’ Must Have Beauty Products

Jess’ must have beauty products

After working in the beauty industry for years, my bathroom shelf treasures tend to rotate while I delight in trying all of the new and amazing products out there. My current list of faves include – Nasomatto Narcotic V – my favourite overtly sexy, floral fragrance. Mainly worn at night as the tuberose is intense […]

Spring Is In The Air: Our Top Spring Perfume Picks

Spring is in the air: our top spring perfume picks

Spring is here finally! And to celebrate, let’s talk about updating your fragrance wardrobe. Now here at Lore Perfumery we are all about no rules when it comes to fragrance, but it’s also nice to get into the spring spirit and lighten things up a little in the fragrance department. Maybe go something a little […]