It’s true, we LOVE perfume at Lore. We generally refer to it as fragrance though as this feels more inclusive and encompasses all of the fragrant goodness that we love (as well as perfume of course!).

We sell a range of smelly goodness like candles, skincare, bath and body products, beauty products, room sprays, oil diffusers and soaps.

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We’re all about the things that make you smell and feel fabulous


At Lore we specialise in niche brands, particularly niche fragrance. We’re the masters at storytelling, describing scent and ultimately, creating connections.

Founded in 2017, Lore Perfumery is the place for finding those hard-to-find and unique fragrances. We love the quality, craftsmanship and personality in the smaller niche brands, which is why we sell over 700 different fragrances and stock over 100 different brands (we can’t help ourselves, we just fall in love with new things all the time!).

the girls set out to change the world of perfumery


Founders Jade McAndrew and Jessica Tate both started their careers in the beauty world as makeup artists. They dabbled in a few different things before eventually making their way to fragrance. By 2016 they were working alongside each other at Kleins Perfumery.

Jade was the ‘spreadsheet queen’ behind the scenes of the business handling the ordering, buying and numbers. Jess was more the face of the business; she knew the products, the store, the website and of course, customer service. This powerhouse duo became a match made in fragrant heaven when they decided to go into business together by buying the boutique where they were employed.

Rebranding the store as Lore Perfumery, (because you know, we like to talk and more importantly tell a story!), the girls set out to change the world of perfumery with an inclusive, educational and charmingly unique attitude to the old school, sometimes stuffy and haughty taughty world of fine fragrance.

The girls consider themselves pretty lucky to have created such a special space. From walking through the door each morning and being hit with the delicious scent that lingers in the air from years and years of spritzing, and yes, after 5 years this still gives them tingles! To being work wives, the yin to to the other’s yang, the cackles, lunch dates, chats that go for way longer than they should and working on exciting projects together! 


We especially love exploring new, quirky, innovative brands


I just really love all things fragrance and the art of creating a beautiful, well-scented space around me. I especially love exploring new, quirky, innovative brands – there is so much awesomeness to discover out there, which is one of my favourite things about Lore! Of course the culture that we have built at Lore with our amazing team and customers is also super special to me. 

Outside of Lore, you can generally find me going on long walks listening to true crime podcasts (then spending nights awake fretting over said true crime), drinking copious amounts of coffee, sniffing flowers regardless of how creepy that makes me look on the street, listening to Dolly Parton or some 70’s soul or rock and indulging in every single episode of Drag Race. And of course, last but absolutely not least…hanging out with my loves, my absolute heart – my little bub Otis, my partner Luke and our sweet, sweet dog Stevie Licks.


I love everything about Lore and the space we have created. My work wife, our amazing team, to the curated collection of brands we have sourced and the thousands of products we range, which find their way into my hands almost every day I leave! 😅 And our customers, I just love that we have created such a warm and friendly space where we have regulars which we have created beautiful friendships with and love seeing first timers leave with a bag of Lore goodies, a new signature scent and a big smile on their faces! 

When I’m not at Lore I’m checking emails and daily sales to see what products are a winner that day! 🤪 …no, in all seriousness I am a new mum to our gorgeous little Bebe, Alfie Fox, so spending time with him and my partner Cam is the best!! A smile from Alfie really lights up my life! 💚 I love weekend brunch dates with Cam or friends, nature walks, listening to tunes – anything from Cher to Black Sabbath, great food, coffee and wine (long black and a glass of red please), watching a good series or film with Cam, I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and love anything sci-fi/fantasy/horror (snacks are also a must) and last but not least, snuggles with our first babies, our beautiful cats, Blizzard & Raven! 


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