Mother's Day Gifts 2019

Mother’s Day Q&A with the Mums of Lore!

Best gifts for Mum this Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Obviously Jade and I have the same mum, so my Q&A is about celebrating Mother’s Day with my 8 year old son, Charlie! 💕

What is your favourite memory of celebrating Mother’s Day with Charlie?
Last year Charlie was so sweet. He let me sleep in, made me a beautiful card with a story about the two of us, spoilt me with a new candle and he took me out for breakfast.

How has Mother’s Day changed for you since opening Lore?
Before Lore, Mother’s Day was just about my Mum and Charlie. Now though, it is also about helping all the other Mum’s out there feel spoilt and loved! I love seeing kids come in and hand pick something for their Mum or when a Mum and adult Daughter will come in together for a fragrance consultation. It is really beautiful.

As a Mum, what would you love to receive as a present from Lore?
Some beautiful quality skin care products, like Dr Hauschka or Madara. Or if it’s from a little kid with a smaller budget, The Botanical Body Duo pack with our signature Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.

Just for fun we also asked Charlie a few questions. 😁

What does mother’s day mean to you?
To have time with my Mummy. It makes me happy for Mummy.
What do you love about Lore?
It sells cool soaps and bath bombs.
What’s your favourite thing you have from Lore?
The shark bath bomb, vegemite toast soap & the brownie perfume. (Brownie from Demeter)
What would you like to get your Mum for Mother’s day?
Chocolate and Perfume

mothers day gifts 2019

Now we a have Jess asking a few questions about perfume and Mother’s Day to her Mum Marise!

What was your first memory of fragrance?
My first experience of perfume was 4711 Eau de Cologne. When I was a kid I was aware that everyone’s mum smelt the same. It was cheap and widespread – cough cough.

What did you/have you worn?
I didn’t wear much perfume until I bought Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (duty free) and have always had it since. I haven’t now worn it for ages – it must be stale by now. So I suppose that was my favourite for a long time. My perfume preference has changed and bit and now is something a bit more subtle. After writing this I decided to give myself a squirt of Rive Gauche to revisit it – too strong, I think I may have to wash it off…or risk getting a headache!

What is your favourite perfume?
I really loved the Juliette has a Gun Lady Vengeance that you gave me. It was very different and people commented which was nice.

Mother's Day 2019 - Best gifts for mum

Here we have Cheryl, Mum to Teagan & Jade. Jade has a chat to her Mum about her history with fragrance and what Mother’s Day means to her.

What is your first memory of fragrance?
4711! Everyone wore it back when I was young. I also remember I didn’t like it at all!

What was the first perfume you ever bought
Anais Anais.

How much have you changed since then?
So much! I never really understood fragrance and didn’t like branching out to find a new scent!

Do you still own it?
No, but I used to buy it for my Mum up until Lore was born. I now my Mum Fragonard EDT by Fragonard which she just loves and is a great replacement for it.

What is your favourite perfume at the moment?
Acca Kappa Vaniglia Fior di Mandorlo – whenever I wear this fragrance people comment and say how beautiful I smell and ask what I’m wearing. It’s the only perfume I have ever been complimented on.

How has your relationship perfume change since lore?
My sense of smell has really changed and I now understand what a real perfume should smell like. I understand the notes and can really differentiate the different blends. Before Lore I would smell perfume as well, perfume, but now I can smell the different notes and layers and I have a real appreciation for the art that is behind perfume making. I understand how special it is to have a signature fragrance that is really, truly you!

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?
Mother’s Day means so much to me. I always have a loving feeling in my heart thinking about my 3 babies and how special I am as a Mum and how loved I am by my three kids. Also about my Mum and our memories, I love my Mum so much and am so grateful that she is still here with us – 82 years young and still as funny and beautiful as ever!

What is your ultimate Mother’s Day wish list from Lore?
Anything from Lore would be amazing. 😉 I do have a lot from the store already, so many beautiful perfumes and skincare products! I would actually love a keepsake, such as one of the beautiful Mari Bray pieces for when I move into my new home.

What is your dream Mother’s Day
To be with all my babies, their partners and my gorgeous grandson Charlie on a holiday, somewhere beautiful we would all love, like New Zealand!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing super Mums out there!

Love, Lore x 💕

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