Mother's Day gifts 2019

10 Perfumes Your Mum Will Love This Mother’s Day!


1. Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom Parfum Extract 10ml $46/ 100ml $265
2. Eight and Bob – Annicke 2 Eau de Parfum 30ml $121/ 100ml $275
3. Fragonard – Emilie Eau de Parfum 60ml $169
4. BDK Parfums – Pas Ce Soir 10ml $69/ 100ml $349/ Extrait $499
5. Frapin – 1270 Eau de Parfum 15ml $99/ 100ml $329
6. Carner Barcelona – Sweet William Eau de Parfum 50ml $175
7. Juliette has a Gun – Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum 7.5ml $49/ 50ml $169/ 100ml $215
8. Tokyo Milk – French Kiss Eau de Parfum 50ml $79.95
9. Grandiflora – Madagascan Jasmine Eau de Parfum 50ml $185
10. Acca Kappa – Vaniglia Fior di Mandorlo Eau de Parfum 15ml $49.95/ 100ml $220

Do you remember the fragrance that your mother wore when you were growing up? Or maybe an aunt or grandmother? Was it an all encompassing Opium of the 70’s or Samsara of the 80’s? One of those iconic and intense perfumes that fill the room, your nose, your lungs…. Ah the joys of excess and decadence from those eras!
Or maybe you remember Chanel No 5, that classic, rich and powdery scent that is so unmistakable. Or perhaps the minimalist Calvin Klein One or fresh and clean Issey Miyake of the 90’s?

For me I remember my mum wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Classique while I was growing up. I remember being enthralled by the wonderful bodice bottle. So unique, it was something my little eyes hadn’t seen before…like a doll, but more precious. In fact, I have no memory of the scent whatsoever but the bottle that was so beautiful to me!

Regardless of what kind of perfume your mum wore, I’m sure there’s some kind of memory attached and particular scents you will forever take you back to childhood. For most, this is our introduction to the world of perfume. And for some, this is the beginning of a beautiful love affair with perfume as passed down from our mums….

The absolute best niche fragrances for your mum in 2024

1. Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom is classy, elegant and decadent. This incredible Australian perfume brand has used the beautiful Brown Boronia from Tasmania to create something truly unique.
2. Eight and Bob – Annicke 2 is such a rich and sumptuous fragrance. This perfume is a Tuberose, but unlike any others in our extensive range! With the gourmand notes of Fig and Hazelnut, this is a real show-stopper!
3. Fragonard – Emilie is a wonderful Violet and Rose fragrance. Classic, deep and a touch of vintage vibes from the iconic perfume house Fragonard.
4. BDK Parfums – Pas ce Soir is a spicy little number with a fruity, floral twist and a vibrant energy that leaves a memorable trail.
5. Frapin – 1270 is one of our favourites in the store! From Frapin, the best cognac makers in the world, we have their ode to cognac through fragrance. And this perfume is so delicious – warm and sweet, with an earthy depth to ground it.
6. Carner Barcelona – Sweet William is one of our only Carnation fragrances in the whole store. This perfume is spicy and unique – almost a little juicy on the skin!
7. Juliette has a Gun – Not a Perfume is such a great concept! This perfume doesn’t smell on paper, only on your skin. It enhances the scent of everything so you can wear it alone for a pheromone effect or layer with other scents for that little bit of extra flavour.
8. Tokyo Milk – French Kiss is for the Francophiles! This scent is gorgeously floral with fruity notes and a hint of Vetiver to give it depth. A super compact bottle that you can carry anywhere makes this a great perfume.
9. Grandiflora – Madagascan Jasmine is the truest Jasmine we’ve ever smelt! Created by the Sydney based florist Saskia, Madagascan Jasmine is creamy and intoxicating on the skin.
10. Acca Kappa – Vaniglia Fior di Mandorlo is the ultimate for any Vanilla lovers out there. This perfume smells like sunshine – it is bright and sweet, the perfect Vanilla blend.

Lore x

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