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Sweet William EDP 50ml

Fragrance Family

Floral, Spicy
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A desire for love - during times of gallantry lovelorn bachelors sat to have their portrait painted with a red carnation, a Sweet William, symbolizing their search for true love. A charming and infatuating Carnation fragrance with notes of White Pepper, Cardamom, Laotian Cinnamon Bark, Galangal, Dianthus superbus scentrek tm, Ylang Ylang from Commores Islands, Rose Water Extract, Night Blooming Tobacco Flower

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"Sweet William is a very special fragrance as it smells like carnations. That is very unusual (I think!) but a really interesting experience for those who love florals because it is so unusual. I've had people comment that they can small carnations when I wear it. It has a freshness and an innocence to it, and the story behind is charming too. A lovely summer fragrance."