Madagascan Jasmine EDP 50ml

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An exploration into the intensity and carnal beauty of the native Jasmine of Madagascar. An exotic and heady white floral, this fragrance unfurls those tiny Jasmine petals, powerful yet delicate at the same time. Portraying Jasmine in a unique way, this is unlike any Jasmine fragrance you’ve ever smelt before. Choosing to incorporate the tropical fruits, bright green elements and the watery tones of Jade Emerald Green, Madagascan Jasmine has a surprisingly realistic scent to it. The Jasmine is intoxicating, yet there is a fresh green tone in the background and a smoky note that lifts this Jasmine perfume to the next level. Throughout, the spiritual integrity of the Jasmine of Madagascar remains ever present.

Top: Green Banana, Dark Green Leaves
Middle: Jade Emerald Green, Jasmine
Base: Smoke and Musk

Michel Roudnitska

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Grandiflora is generally about 6 – 8 hours, however we really get around 7 hours with this particular scent. Like a freshly picked Jasmine flower, the scent is most prominent in the first few hours, before settling over the body like a second layer of skin. A must-try for any Jasmine lovers out there!

An ode to the native Jasmine of Madagascar, this scent leaves little not to love for Jasmine lovers. Bursting with life, this Jasmine is vivacious, fresh, and slightly animalic, with lots of greenery from nature. It’s almost nostalgic of Jasmine bushes many of us would remember from our own homes or from visiting friends when we were younger. Yet Madagascan Jasmine takes an almost tropical turn as we imagine smelling Jasmine in amongst the humid greenery of the Madagascan rainforests.

The Grandiflora Fragrance Collection is the result of an intense love of flowers, particularly transient scented flowers. Those short lived blooms, whose flowers only live a short time. Opening her Flower Shop, Grandiflora in Potts Point Sydney in 1995, Saskia Havekes has a love for curating flowers. Collaborating with some of the world’s most respected perfumers to create her exquisite line, Grandiflora is made in Grasse. Yet the inspiration comes all the way from Sydney in the tiny little flower shop.


1 review for Madagascan Jasmine EDP 50ml.

  1. rose

    The Best Ultimate Jasmine perfume, it wowed me! It is true to the blooming flowers, rich and fresh and alive! It last for a long time on skin, and just melds perfectly. This one is stunning, highly recommend for all Jasmine lovers.

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