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Again working with Bertrand Duchaufour to complete the Grandiflora collection, Saskia and Bertrand depicted this fragrance as a nod to Saskia’s bushland childhood. Growing up in rural NSW, Saskia remembered the scent of the bush, the trees, the native flowers and dry yet rich earthy tone of the Australian bush. Recreating the richness and aromatics of the native Australian flower Boronia, Saksia describes “whilst a scrappy little Australian native, its perfume is as intoxicating as it is evocative”. A truly magical fragrance that give a modern interpretation of the native Australian environment and of course, the elusive Boronia flower.

Top: Verdant Florals, Black Tea
Middle: Cognac, Warm Resins
Base: Tobacco, Suede, Caramel, Dry Woods, Dry Hay

Bertrand Duchaufour

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Grandiflora is generally about 6 – 8 hours, however we really get around 7 hours with this particular scent. We get a lot of the Tobacco coming through for us, which, with the Cognac, smells great in this floral giving a more earthy feel rather than a classic floral.

Boronia takes us back to an older time. It is old worldly and sophisticated. We smell a dark buttery sweetness, meeting the forest floor. There is also a touch of a leathery tobacco, the leather we attribute to the suede note, that compliments the cognac and takes us to the middle of nowhere in the beautiful Australian bush.

The Grandiflora Fragrance Collection is the result of an intense love of flowers, particularly transient scented flowers. Those short lived blooms, whose flowers only live a short time. Opening her Flower Shop, Grandiflora in Potts Point Sydney in 1995, Saskia Havekes has a love for curating flowers. Collaborating with some of the world’s most respected perfumers to create her exquisite line, Grandiflora is made in Grasse. Yet the inspiration comes all the way from Sydney in the tiny little flower shop.


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