Help Protect Our Bees 🐝

Bees are the pollinators of the planet.

From fields of wild flowers to crops of human agriculture, plant systems all around the world depend on those little, fuzzy fellas carrying pollen from flower to flower, fertilising and promoting biodiversity as they go. In short, if there are no bees there would be much less life; they are an essential cog without which the passage of our world would struggle to keep turning.

Bee populations have been in decline since the mid-1980s, due to a number of detrimental environmental factors including invasive parasites, changing climates, and the mass use of pesticides on crops and gardens.

Although it often feels that there’s little any of us as individuals can do to fight the threats facing our natural world, here at Lore we’ve decided to sprinkle some seeds of hope (literally!) and provide some packets of flower seeds for you to spread around your garden.

Californian Poppy

The Californian Poppy is durable, low maintenance, bright, beautiful, and most importantly, an absolute favourite of your local honey bee. If you’d like to attract more bees to your garden, your balcony pot plants, or wherever a poppy would be happy to grow, follow the instructions on your seed packet.
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