Top 10 Candles From Our Old Flame, Cire Trudon

For nearly 400 years, Cire Trudon has been producing luxury candles of the highest quality.

In the 1600s, they revolutionised the art of candle making with their use of beeswax, which quickly gained them popularity. From their humble beginnings in a convenience store, they went on to light the Palace of Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors with 50,000 tapered candles per day.

Each Cire Trudon candle is therefore a piece of history. Each of their scents are inspired by people and places that shaped the world as we know it today. Their French sensibility and dedication to craftsmanship and tradition sets them apart, rendering them a world-class home fragrance house.

We love Cire Trudon here at Lore, not only for their luxe home fragrance, but for their rich history and ability to tell stories through scent. To help you get to know the brand a bit better, here are our Top 10 best-selling Cire Trudon candles.

1. Ernesto

Cire Trudon’s best-seller, Ernesto (Che Guevara’s real name) is a scent dedicated to the Cuban revolutionary’s only vice – cigars. With bright citrus on the top, then rich tobacco, creamy leather, rhum and woods, Ernesto’s scent transports us straight to Havana. Powerful yet refined, we can see why this is Trudon’s most popular candle.


Named after the Algerian leader whose favourite drink was Moroccan mint tea, this candle is as refreshing as it is uplifting. Abd el Kader’s clean, green, herbaceous character makes it the perfect scent to cool you down on a hot day, or just freshen up your space in general.


Reminiscent of the festive season in Europe, Gabriel’s fragrance is comforting and cocooning, warm, but not sweet. It’s the scent of huddling around the warmth of an open fire, chestnuts roasting, with a steaming drink clutched in your hands, and is fantastic for making your home feel home-y!


Dedicated to the awe-inspiring power and reach of the Ottoman empire, this scent is an opulent fusion of tobacco, honey, spice and rich Turkish Rose. Complex and alluring, Ottoman does an excellent job at making your space feel luxurious.


This scent is of the elaborate parquetry on the floors of the Palace of Versailles, built by Louis XIV, whose nickname (Solis Rex) meant the “Sun King”. With woods, incense and bright bursts of citrus, this fragrance affords a sense of grandeur to your space, making even the smallest apartment feel like a museum or ballroom.


An elegant yet realistic floral fragrance, this scent is inspired by Josephine Bonaparte’s famed garden at the Château de Malmaison castle. Containing notes of camellia, jasmine, rose and iris, when you burn this candle you can imagine yourself strolling through her lush green garden, smelling each beautiful flower.


Created in collaboration with designer Giambattista Valli, this heavenly scent was a celebration of his first store opening on Boissy d’Anglas in Paris. This sensual fragrance is of red roses (the favourite flower of Marie Antoinette) underpinned by earthy pepper.


Another Giambattista Valli collaboration, this scent is of course inspired by the Italian town of Positano. Famously picturesque, Positano is one of the jewels of the Amalfi coast, and very much adored by the designer. The scent is of citrus and creamy white florals under the Italian sun – if you can’t get there yourself, this is the next best thing!


Cire (“wax” in English) is dedicated to the foundation of Trudon’s brand – bees! With honey, beeswax, spice and waxed woods, this scent is Trudon’s ode to the creature that plays one of the most vital roles in nature. Correspondingly, four percent of the profits from each Cire candle go to the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory in partnership with Perche Nature Park.


Meaning the “Holy Spirit”, Spiritus Sancti is the scent of a church. Incense vapors, resins and lily of the valley transport you to one of France’s great cathedrals, conjuring images of prayer candles lighting up stained glass. Ecclesiastical, grand and compelling, this scent smells truly holy.


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