The Psychology of Scent

The olfactory sense, or sense of smell, is one of the first sense organisms evolved. It helped us to figure out what was dangerous or safe, yummy or poisonous – it even helped us to sniff out potential mating partners. So, it only makes sense that today, our sense of smell is still intrinsically linked to the parts of our brain that store and process memory and emotion.

Renewed Appreciation for Fragrance

During lockdown, the conversation surrounding mental health opened up even further than it has in recent years. For the first time (and at the same time) millions of people around the world were experiencing acute symptoms of depression and anxiety. Interestingly, as the Covid-19 “new normal” set in, and while industries around the world continued to struggle, fragrance sales actually had a marked uptick.

Having spoken to our customers throughout the pandemic, we noticed many people acquired a renewed appreciation for fragrance and its power to influence mood and trigger memories. Whether it was the ability of scent to soothe and comfort, to make the same space feel different day to day, or to transport you across the world without leaving your home, it seems that fragrance played a huge role in getting many people through lockdown and the hard times that came with it.

Fragrance is an Individualised Experience

Of course, the experience of fragrance differs from person to person – everyone has their own personal associations with scent, and no two people will experience a scent in the exact same way. So, to assist you in finding the perfect scent for YOUR needs, we thought we’d go through each fragrance category and explain what benefits they can have for your wellbeing.

Fresh/Citrus fragrances contain zestier, more refreshing notes and thus do an excellent job at invigoration and mood-boosting. Perfect for when you need a little sunshine in your life or a pep in your step.


Musky fragrances have a comforting quality to them – they’re usually quite skin-like and human, therefore feel familiar, safe and grounding. Great for soothing feelings of anxiety, a musk fragrance is the fragrant equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a blanket.


Floral fragrances give us the distinct feeling of being in nature – they can help you to feel like you’re stopping to smell the roses, even when you don’t have the time. They can offer a sense of escape and transport you to a place of beauty and tranquility.


Spicy fragrances can help add a bit of excitement to your day, they can help to keep your mind alert and assist with focus. By “spicing up” your fragrance game, you can break up feelings of boredom and monotony.


Woody fragrances are those grounding,earthy scents that can help you to feel safe and at peace in a space. Widely thought to assist with sleep and relaxation, woody fragrances have been used for centuries in religious and spiritual practice.


They’re really just the basics when it comes to scents and their various associations, but we hope we’ve helped to get you thinking about it!

At Lore we pride ourselves on providing service with a sense of true love and care. If you want a fragrance that genuinely feels like you, come in store for a personalised consult with one of our gorgeous team members, or you can contact us online with any questions or queries you may have.

From the Lore team to you, take care. XXX

Please note that none of the information above is intended as medical information and should take the place of medical advice. If you are in need of support some good resources are –

  • Headspace
  • Lifeline
  • Panda
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