Us babes tried Babe Australia’s new body care range and this is the verdict! 💕

We have stocked the Babe Australia range for quite a few years now and we have to say, they just keep delivering the goods! Originally, BabeScrub, the brand started out selling body care products including one of our best sellers the Body Soufflé in Verbena Gypsy. Babe then delved into the skincare realm and produced a few standout face products including Australian actives – and super cute packaging! As much as we love the other products in the Babe range, the home fragrance collection is a HUGE standout for us.

Babe released a collection of candles a few years ago (and diffusers followed) and we just love-love-love their candles!

No ordinary fragrance. The Babe candles are developed with bespoke, perfume quality fragrances and designed in collaboration with a third generation French perfumer. They use fine fragrance oils and a blend of premium, natural Soy & Coconut wax,  finished off with the highest quality cotton wicks.

The scents we stock are ROSA, SANTALUM and OUD – and these scents are beeeauuutiful!!

ROSA – Forbidden. Seductive. Tempting. Meet Babe’s dirty rose. She’s a little minx and will lead you into temptation. Developed to set a mood where anything is possible!

SANTALUM – Sensuous. Sophisticated. Animalic. Don’t be shocked if you grunt or growl when burning this heady one Babe! Perfect while entertaining your guests – or lover, over lingering cocktails and dinner.

OUD – Luxurious. Enchanting. Balanced. Be swept away into the deep, smoky nights of the Middle East, the textures and sounds of the souk tingling and alighting all your senses.

We just love the candles SO much and recommend them to all of our customers and also gift them to almost all of our friends and family. Late last year Babe extended their body care range and launched their Organic Wash & Lotions in these scents and we were beyond excited…

Kim and her lovely team at Babe gifted us at Lore some products to try from this range and this is what we have to say.

Enjoy, Lore xx


Everyone is over hearing me talk about how much I love the Rosa scent in the Babe Australia range! I have bought the candle a few times now and I can smell it in my house even when it isn’t lit. The scent is intoxicating – the most beautiful rose ever. Not a grandma rose, a dirty rose. Its warm and a little spicy, coming from the Amber and Clove – and has a touch of Violet which I feel gives it a slight sweetness.

Now, when Babe were releasing the Organic Wash & Lotion collection in these scents it was fair to say I was very excited! 😉 I have been using the Rosa Organic Hand Wash & Lotion for a while now and they have quickly become two of my favourite body care products. The scent is exactly the same as the candle which is great as we don’t have many rose scented body products. The scent is sooooo beautiful in the shower and lingers in my bathroom for hours after. The actual wash itself itself is also lovely and ticks the boxes for me being natural, made in Australia, non drying etc. The lotion is gorgeous and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is great for layering with the wash, apply straight after the shower onto warm skin and the beautiful rose scent will linger – even better, layer it with a fragrance that compliments!

I also love the packaging, Babe always have such cute packaging and the pink and amber tones worked with my bathroom aesthetic. Huge tick from me – definitely try this range if you are a rose lover 🌹


I was lucky enough to try the Santalum Hand Wash and the Santalum Hand Lotion from Babe Australia…my favourite scent! I’ve had the candle in the Santalum a couple of times and just love it. The fusion of being made in Melbourne (a big tick from me) yet working with third generation French perfumers to create the gorgeous fragrances means that Santalum (and the entire range to be honest) smell divine. Seriously amazing!
Santalum is earthy with a creamy Sandalwood base. But it’s also fresh with a touch of spice (clove and cedar), a little hint of aromatics, and just all round deliciousness. The wash is basically a delight to use. When I used it as a Body Wash in the shower it scented the bathroom lightly and felt really gentle on my skin, leaving a tiny amount of scent. Being all natural is another big tick for me with this range – a great, effective wash free of SLS, parabens and preservatives. After my shower, the Hand Lotion was generously applied to my entire body – it’s the perfect consistency! Not sure why its called just a ‘hand lotion’ when it’s light-weight, absorbs super quickly and is amazingly nourishing. This is a multi purpose lotion for me! Plus I want that amazing scent all over me. It’s not too strong to interfere with my perfumes but it’s beautiful to use at night when I want a hint of scent as I got to bed. The pump is quick and convenient to use also, I can even apply it as I’m driving without too much car drama 😉
I love these products so much that I immediately purchased a candle for my sister in law’s new house, 2 hand lotions for my sister who just had a baby (the more the merrier right?) and added it into a baby shower hamper for another friend. I think that says enough about how I feel about the range right?!


The Babe Santalum Organic Wash is such a beautiful hand and body wash, I simply cannot get enough of it!
I originally had this paired with its best mate the Santulum Organic Lotion in my bathroom, resting neatly between my plants on the vanity, sitting pretty, because not only is the packaging super aesthetically pleasing, but the product itself is a whirlwind of delight.
Light hints of cedar and spice, teamed with the grounding aromas of sandalwood, this organic wash took me on a little journey of scent with every use.
But lets get to the texture – its a silky smooth, non drying wash that leaves the hands feeling soft to touch. Everything you want in a wash, organic, softening sandalwood – what a dream.

Now onto the Babe Santalum Organic Lotion, I love the smell, the feel and the way it the scent lingers for hours afterwards, a perfect lotion to pair with Sandalwood based perfumes. They nailed this one. Smoothing and soothing, like all the best things should be.


I have the Babe Oud Hand Wash and Hand Lotion and WOW. With a rich warmth from the amber, a dash of spice and a subtle hint of smokiness, it is quite satisfying for an oud lover. The wash has a silky texture that does not dry out the skin. The scent of course layers amazingly with it’s paired lotion as well if you are looking to build the scent. Together they have gotten much praise in my home, and the minimalist design fits in with just about any aesthetic.

I love how deliciously creamy the lotion is. The scent is quite present, but not over powering on me, and layered beautifully with my Black Afgano fragrance. It seeps in quickly yet the shea butter and almond oil make sure it still nourishes the skin.

If you are going for a warm and cosy vibe at home the brand also sells a candle and diffuser in the matching scent.  The candle radiates such a beautiful ambience, projecting the scent throughout the room. The diffuser throws a beautiful projection of this scent into the home as well, making the house feel warm, cosy and alluring. Definitely worth venturing in to try for the coming winter.


Like a sweetly scented walk through the woods to Grandma’s house with a basket full of fresh picked, wild, red roses…this wash, cream and candle are simply delish!

Comforting and inviting, deep and rich…with maybe a hint of darkness ❤ I can’t get enough of any of this range, to be honest, but the rose has the best of both worlds! In fact, I love it so much that I had the wash in both my bathroom & kitchen, but now that the bathroom batch has run out I’ll actually go out of my way to wash my hands in the kitchen sometimes just so I can inhale that delicious scent. 🌹


I have been using the Babe Rosa Hand Lotion for the last few weeks and I can truly say that I love it!
The lotion is non-greasy and soaks right into your skin, and the properties of Shea butter and Almond oil leaves your hands (and body) feeling soft and moisturised.
It can also be used on your body and I have definitely been taking advantage of that.
My favourite thing about this product though is the intoxicating scent! Babe have created these products with fine fragrance oil, it’s beautifully scented and on my skin is actually quite strong so I sometimes wear this in place of perfume.
If you love Rose scented products then definitely give this product a try 🙂


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