Juliette has a gun

Mmmm EDP 100ml

Fragrance Family

Earthy, Floral, Powdery
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The zero calorie treat in a bottle! Romano was thinking about this indescribable onomatopoeia when creating the fragrance. Behind that sound, that murmur, pronounced almost internally, lies a world of hidden pleasures that goes beyond words. An olfactive sweetness that regales the senses and provokes immediate pleasure. You can't help but let out a whisper of Mmmm when smelling this addictive scent!

Top: Geranium, Raspberry, Neroli 
Middle: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine 
Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood Absolute

Romano Ricci

MMMM… is the ultimate gourmand perfume – sweet, delicious and intoxicatingly addictive. On the skin, MMMM… has an opening with a slightly sharp raspberry, but settles into a rich, warm, earthy base that lasts all day on the skin. A little bit goes a long way with this fragrance as it is concentrated!


We love that this perfume is sweet and delicious, however it never tips into the too-sweet territory. MMMM…has an earthy base that balances the sweetness perfectly.

Created in 2005, Juliette has a Gun is the wonderful fragrance world of Romano Ricci. Born into fragrance royalty, Romano Ricci had perfume in his DNA as the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The Juliette has a Gun range was originally based solely around the rose - like a woman, Ricci says a rose is beautiful, intoxicating, delicate and thorny. The Juliette has a Gun range is contemporary, assertive and full of life. Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliette, however the modern Juliette in this story comes armed - she carries a weapon, her weapon is her scent. And she uses her scent for seduction, flirtation and provocation. Juliette has a gun is rock meet romance in a bottle.

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"This is one of my go-to scents. I got the raspberry when I looked up the notes, but I don’t pick it as quickly as others seem to. Instead, this secent reminds me of warm honey. A very comforting gourmand."