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Lubin’s ‘Classique Collection’ is expressed through timeless perfumes inspired by emblematic women who perfectly embody their eras. Grisette takes us to Paris during the Belle Epoque – full of fun and feminine frivolity – the quintessential Parisian joie de vivre. During this era, the Grisette’s were independent women, they worked (predominantly) as seamstresses during the day and kicked up their heels at night (Coco Chanel was considered a Grisette at this time). The Grisette slips through the crowded streets on nimble feet with her head held high, a slim, fleeting figure that is the very image of Bohemian Paris. With her rosy cheeks and innocent gaze, she is hurrying to meet her lover, but Grisette is already thinking of another, dreaming wistfully of a new romance. Their first kiss beneath that awning sealed a promise truer than any other vow. A flirtatious, feminine and bubbly fragrance much like the iconic Grisette’s were!

Top: Citrus, Grapefruit, Bergamot combined with Rose Concrete
Middle: Iris Concrete, Incense
Base: Musk, Amber, Cedar Wood, Madagascan Vanilla Absolute

Thomas Fontaine

Crisp and floral from first spritz, this soft scent opens with the sweet refreshing quality of Grapefruit combined perfectly with the soft prettiness of Rose. Grisette creates a delicate floral tone on the skin from the outset and holds beautifully for 7-8 hours. With the clean Musk and Cedar grounding this bubbly fragrance, Grisette is never overpowering but always a delight in the not too distant background.

Grisette is an effervescent, vibrant yet also delicate fragrance that brings an immediate smile when it is sprayed. It is perfectly matched in the wine world to a bottle of the finest bottle of rosé – in both appearance and fragrance! The gentle feminine energy Grisette shows when first sprayed is something we at Lore just love. Grisette is a soft scent but has power in its ability to make you feel womanly and inspired. Grapefruit is such an uplifting scent, and it works perfectly in this well-rounded floral stunner of a perfume.

Born in 1774, Pierre-Francois Lubin lived in a period thought to be the most eventful in France’s history. He began his career as a perfume apprentice at the age of 10 to the famous Jean-Louis Fargeon in 1784. During this time under Fargeon’s tutelage, Lubin came to be entrusted with the beauty recipes of the French Royal Court. Fargeon came from a dynasty of expert perfumers and was Marie Antoinette’s official fragrance supplier. Renowned as the ‘holder of the secrets of beauty of the old court of France’ and thanks to his illustrious patronage, Lubin became the favourite perfumer of many European Courts. In 1821, he became the appointed official supplier of the King of England George IV. Then, in 1823 perfumer to the great Tsar of Russia Alexander I.

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2 reviews for Grisette EDP 100ml.

  1. rose

    This is such a pretty floral perfume, it is very European, like a classic French perfume, and actually reminiscent of something my Mum would wear. Though this is a nod to the classic style it is modern, youthful and I can’t help but think of Paris in Spring when wearing it. I smells like pink Roses and spring flowers.

  2. Antoinette

    Love it … pretty, feminine and floral with a twist of citrus and vanilla. The bottle is gorgeous and beautifully packaged. My new favourite signature scent.

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