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Spring Clean Your Life With These Home & Body Products

Ahh the sunshine, the flowers, and the good vibes; can you feel spring in the air? As we excitedly enter this season of renewal,while also hurtling at an alarming speed towards Christmas, we thought that it might be time for a little life spring clean. Here are just some of the things we’re doing:

Home Fragrance Update

This weather brings out the fresh, crisp feels and we want our space to smell like we have our windows open with a fresh outdoors breeze coming inside at all times!

Our top spring picks for home fragrance are:

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A refreshing cocktail of scent


Level Up Laundry

Let’s get down and dirty (well actually let’s do the complete opposite haha) with the laundry. This may not sound super exciting to you but that’s probably because you haven’t tried The Laundress yet. This range of super luxe laundry detergents make chores feel like the work of a King, or Queen.

Spruce your laundry game up with:

Skin Refresh

Winter can really take its toll on your skin. We’re talking dry patches, irritated areas, dull skin.

We want spring fabulousness right now so here are some, quick and easy skincare fixes:

Get the Legs Ready

After hibernating throughout winter, we are getting the legs ready to see the world again.

Dry, scaly legs be gone with these products:

Refresh the Interiors

Refresh your interiors with some gorgeous local glassware, because, why not?

Let’s just call this spring/party season, so we need new cocktail glasses and vases. Right?!

Fabulous party cocktails


Everyday glam at home


Get a New Fragrance

A new fragrance is the quickest way to lift your mood and get you in the spring frame of mind. If you’re thinking about spring cleaning your fragrances, head here.

And stay tuned for our team’s spring picks coming soon!

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