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What the Lore team is wearing this spring

Hey spring; you deliciously blooming season of new life and new fragrance. We’ve rounded up the Lore team’s scents that they’re wearing this spring:

Jess' Pick

bottle of ii deux by trudon and jess from the lore team

This is the scent of a perfectly still, slightly wet and cool spring morning. The weather is gently warming up and the damp mist is slowly lifting to reveal those gorgeous bright blue spring skies. I walk into the garden, barefoot on the grass and take a deep breath of the morning air. This is that moment, captured in a bottle of beautiful fragrance.

The scent of nature on a spring morning, Deux feels refreshingly grounding whilst still retaining the Trudon stamp of grandeur. Green grass and fresh soil crushed under my feet as I wander aimlessly enjoying my morning meander; a crisp aromatic breeze flows through my hair and gives my skin tiny goosebumps, yet the warmth of cedar trees surround me creating a subtle, silky and cocooning scent of nature.

All of the scents of spring minus the flowers for a slightly different vibe for me this season!



Sonia’s Pick:

The switch from winter to spring is always a good vibe! Via Dei Mille Mandorlo exalts the sweetness and delicacy of almond blossoms. I imagine a day spent lying under white almond trees in full bloom and indulging in freshly baked almond pastries. As I look to the sky,the trees are touched by the wind and it generates a snowfall of white petals that brighten the earth up to the horizon.

Delicate and dreamlike, this slightly sweet gourmand and milky soliflore scent opens with the creamy softness of almond and as the fragrance develops, the gentle white floral notes, zesty bergamot and clean musk melts into the skin.


Courtney’s Pick:

Need a spring to your step? Wandervogel is an energetic and innovating scent that connects me with nature. The exotic shiso leaf gives me a touch of the far away, and the soft touch of the Moroccan mint in this ingenious combination makes me feel ready to jump into my next adventure with confidence, ready for anything.

Wandervogel starts with a jump but ends so grounded and sweet I feel like my feet are melting into the sand at the end of a warm spring evening.



Del’s Pick:

Red juice oozes through your fingers;the cherries and blackberries are warm from sitting in their sun covered bowl, there’s half a mandarin and some pomegranate toobut you’re saving those for after dessert. There’s a gentle chatter and occasional guffaw coming from your surrounding friends, and an enormous gardenia tree in the middle of the park sends a lush breeze your way;perhaps also orange blossom, tuberose? Thoughts are getting a little fuzzy in the afternoon light, but someone’s talking about a bar down the road that does an excellent Amaretto Sour and you all begin to pack up the baskets, the rug, the last few of the vanilla shortbreads, packed away for later. An idea brims across the horizon of your mind, a new story—a new character?—named…Magda. You file the thought away, and turn to enjoy the evening.

Part of Lubin’s Portraits des Femmes range, Madga is an intriguing cocktail of ripe fruits, creamy white florals, and a warm, intoxicating base of amaretto accord, Peruvian balsam, and vanilla. The rich base grants this juicy scent an excellent silage, lingering around you like a muse loitering in the mind of a writer.


Hannah’s Pick:

You know the feeling when spring first teases its existence, right before the harvest moon when the feeling of change is in the air? That moment in the year, when the sun shines unexpectedly, the skies are sparkling blue and all of those flowers start opening their faces and filling the air with the feeling of new blooms and brighter days.

Well to me, that feeling is totally encapsulated in the scent Sweet Leaf by Room 1015 – effervescent and vaguely salty grapefruit upon opening reminds one that spring is a time for sensual indulgence, to get close and personal with yourself and take it in. Layered with exquisite jasmine, just like a stroll on a balmy evening, alluring, elegant and steeped in wonder. But ultimately, for me, it’s the aromatic nature of the cannabis that’s blended with precision in Sweet Leaf, that paves the way for the naughtiest springtime treat one can dream up. Enjoy on weekends spent with loved ones, or in solitude, and take a moment to remind yourself that spring is a time for new beginnings, so let’s open up that scent wardrobe, and get experimental!




Laura’s Pick:

Not a fragrance for the faint-hearted, Nuit de Bakélite is how I want to make my entrance into spring. The most subversive tuberose we have at Lore (in my opinion!), this scent is simultaneously green, earthy, damp and smoky. It also of course has that bakelite plastic note that is so unique, it has won the fragrance multiple awards. After such a dreary winter, I want to make a real impact with my spring fragrance, so it has to be this!


Mav’s Pick:

As spring is beginning to bat its eyelids at us, 7753 by Histoires de Parfum is the fragrance I will be wearing during these first flirtatious weeks of the season. Ivy, fig and tuberose are the heroes in this fragrance, so alive, green and crisp! It evokes the image of manicured ivy laced around an opulent garden of orange blossom and tuberose on a spring morning, there is still a chill in the air but a golden light shines through. Playful and alluring, this is a must try for spring.




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