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Top 5 Molecular Musk-have Fragrances

The modernisation of perfumery means notes derived from animals like musk, civet and ambergris are no longer used in perfume making anymore – a huge win for our furry friends!

Enter molecular notes! They were originally synthesised as alternatives to animal-derived notes. They also aided in the recreation of notes that can’t be extracted from raw materials.

These days, molecular fragrances are more about creating something new, modern and different. Molecules can bring something totally new to the table; they can enrich other notes they’re surrounded by, help to increase the lasting power of a fragrance, and change how it interacts with your skin.

On that note, here are our favourite musk-have molecular fragrances here at Lore:

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Not a Perfume

Containing just the Cetalox/Ambroxan molecule, Not a Perfume is a soft, clean, ambery musk. The original is a subtle enhancement of your skin, making it perfect for layering, where Superdose is for when you want something a little stronger that will stand out by itself.
illustration of molecules woody musk

With 5 captive molecules patented by 2787 Perfumes, Genetic Bliss is a smooth, creamy, woody musk. Like Not a Perfume, the scent adapts to your body’s natural scent, creating a pheromone-like effect as singular as your own personal genetic code.



illustration of molecules aquatic musk

Composed entirely of synthesised notes, including Aldehydes, Ambroxan and Ozonic notes, This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.5 (Yang) is about making the molecule the hero and its role in modern perfumery. The citrus and the mineral notes lend this scent a fresh, aquatic element that is super interesting.




illustration of molecules floral musk

Baghari is all about the Aldehydes, which are sparkling and almost champagne-like – giving this otherwise traditional floral an interesting edge. Classically feminine, warm, clean, retro soap and flower power vibes are strong in this scent.


illustration of molecules earthy musk

Containing the molecule Iso E Super, Hierba Nera is resinous, earthy, green and musky in the best way possible. The comforting, grounding yet mysterious scent of nature comes alive in this scent, anchored to the skin by the molecular notes.


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