How To Curate Your Fragrance Wardrobe

We can fully appreciate the idea of having a signature scent that you wear all day everyday, and let’s face it, it’s so nice when you smell a scent and go ahhh that’s the smell of so and so.

HOWEVER, fragrances come in different styles, suit different occasions, and they can even create different feelings; their ability to completely alter your mood is indisputable. You have a full wardrobe of clothes to suit different moods, occasions, and weather conditions. So naturally, it makes sense to have scents that suit different times and places too.

Here is our must-have list of the different kinds of fragrances we all need in our fragrance wardrobe:

illustration of perfume bottle on a coat hanger the everyday work scent
Whether you work in an office, in a creative or service industry, or work from home everyday, parent full-time etc., it’s a really great idea to have a fragrance that differentiates your time at work and outside of work. It’s a subtle cue to your subconscious but it has a big impact.
illustration of perfume bottle on coat hanger the irresistible going out at night scent
This is your, I’m heading out tonight, I look amazing and feel fab fragrance. Whether you’re going out on a date, out for drinks with friends, or fancy dinners, this is your playful, sexy, nighttime scent. Maybe it’s a bit bolder than your daytime scent, maybe it’s a bit quirkier. It’s definitely more of a show stopper so you leave a seductive scent trail in everyone’s minds as you embark on your evening adventures.
illustration of perfume bottle on a coat hanger the i can do anything power scent
This is a non negotiable must-have in your wardrobe! It can be anything at all, as long as it makes you feel like you can conquer the world because we all need a little extra oomph every now and then. This is the scent that you wear to presentations, launches, job interviews, and to asking out that person you’ve been flirting with at the cafe for weeks. It’s like the red lipsticks of perfume, you put it on and suddenly stand a little taller, talk a little more powerfully and get a little swag in your walk.
illustration of perfume bottle on a coat hanger the holiday in a bottle scent
I think we can all appreciate the necessity of this scent after the last few years of lockdown! This is that scent you pull out when your day is dreary and you need a little refresh to get you through. It instantly transports you to somewhere else, to good times, wherever that may be for you. It gives you the holiday, happy, relaxed feels every single time.
illustration of perfume bottle on a coat hanger the comfort factor scent
Your comfort factor scent is the one you can spritz whenever you need a big warm hug from your fragrance. If you’re feeling down, a little unsure, and slightly unsettled, then this is the fragrance to go to. It’s like wrapping yourself in good vibes and keeping any negativity out. It is your power shield of fragrant protection.
illustration of perfume bottle on a coat hanger honourable mentions

The fancy, elegant, going to a wedding kinda scent

The sentimental, nostalgic scent

The seasonal scent

The never-fail happy scent

While we have outlined the type of scents that you need in your fragrance wardrobe, fragrance choices are so personal and will vary from person to person. What smells happy to one person can smell completely different to the next. Come visit us at 313 Brunswick St, Fitzroy for a free personalised perfume consultation where we can guide you through the hundreds of perfumes and help you complete your fragrance wardrobe.

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