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Lore Reviews Kevin Murphy Hair Products

Considered as one of the world’s most respected and sought-after session hairstylists, Kevin Murphy has been at the forefront of fashion, runway, editorial and film for over two decades within Australia and internationally.

The Kevin Murphy product range combines hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available so that high-fashion runway looks can be recreated in the salon or at home.

But, what are the products REALLY like? We put a selection of products to the test and this is what we really think:

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Hair Type:

  • Long
  • Naturally straight
  • Dyed


  • Nourishment and protection
  • Volume, fullness, bounce and body

Plumping Wash & Rinse

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I do have a lot of hair, so anything that can make the washing process easier for me, I will do. Apart from smelling absolutely gorgeous,I love how the Plumping Wash doesn’t lather to the point it leaves my hair squeaky and dry -it feels clean without being stripped of its natural oils. After leaving the Plumping Rinse in my hair for about 5 minutes and combing through my wet hair, I immediately noticed less breakage and less hair than usual in the comb (woohoo!). You really see the results of the wash and rinse when you dry your hair though – after just one use, my hair looked and felt way thicker.



I have to admit, before I started using this product, I had never used a heat protectant before, even though I really should have been. Wow, what a difference it makes. Apart from it being obvious I’m not burning my hair when I use a hairdryer or curling wand (no smoky smell!), it has 100% contributed to the overall health of my hair. It’s shinier, and way less fragile and crunchy.


This product used in tandem with Heated Defense might have just become my holy grail hair combo. Leave-in Repair can also act as a low-grade heat protectant, but the main thing I noticed is it helped with repairing my split ends and break-offs, which have been driving me nuts lately! It also helps with flyaways and frizziness which my hair can be prone to. Overall, my hair looks smoother, shinier and less frizzy when I use Leave-in Repair…10/10!


I was so excited to use this product because I was convinced it was going to help me achieve the Cindy Crawford mop of my dreams. And to be honest, it did just that. It helps add volume, body and texture without that crunchy, sticky hairspray feel. Perfect for that effortlessly sexy tousled look, so it definitely lives up to its name!


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Hair Type:

  • Short
  • Curly/wavy
  • Dyed


  • Curl enhancement, definition and hold
  • Frizz control
  • Hydration and nourishment

Frizz can be such an issue with curly hair; it can get a little wild if the curls aren’t defined.I used this on damp hair and watched in real time as curls appeared with no frizz in sight.It’s light so it doesn’t weigh the curls down (take that gravity!) and my hair felt hydrated and looked extra shiny and healthy. An added bonus, this spray smells woody and earthy with a touch of citrus. Whenever I got a hint of it throughout the day, I felt like I was getting taken away to an orchard getaway.


I LOVED Motion Lotion. After applying it, perfect curls started appearing everywhere, even in those strands that are normally a bit stubborn and would only do an awkward kink instead of curling. Once completely dry, the curls were all soft, light and bouncy with no hard bits or crunchiness. The best thing is, my curls stayed that way for longer than I’ve ever experienced. It is everything I could wish for in a curly hair styling product.


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