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The essence of what we can be, who we are, our unshakable self. One of our most unique and special fragrances at Lore, Genetic Bliss is comprised of 5 captives that Genetic Bliss have created themselves. Delving deep into esoteric world of molecular perfumery, Romy patented 5 brand new captives to create Genetic Bliss. The captives adapt to your bodies natural scent, creating a pheromone like effect. Infused with woody molecular notes like Akigalawood, Belambre, and creamy Sandalwood, Genetic Bliss is as singular as your own personal genetic code. Genetic Bliss is designed to be worn on its own or layered with fragrance. A smooth, woody fragrance with an airy lightness to it, this scent gives depth to fragrances whilst enhancing everything around it. An olfactive piece of art.

5 captives patented by 27 87

Romy Kowalewski

Created in Barcelona in 2016 by Romy, 27 87 is utterly modern. With a young, creative and innovative force behind the range, 28 87 decided it was time for a more contemporary approach to fragrance that matched the taste and lifestyle of today’s generation. Minimalist design, unisex, long lasting and a focus purely on the most important factor – the smell. 27 87 stand for a new era of artistic perfumery whilst respecting and staying loyal to the standards of high end traditional craftsmanship.

Genetic Bliss creates a gentle cloud around you when wearing it. We find that it lasts on the skin for up to 8 hours and its there, but its not there at the same time. This is the scent of light and shade, its so intriguing and unique! It has a definite woody tone yet there is also an airy skin-like tone that shines through beautifully.

Genetic Bliss is not too loud but also not too light, it sits perfectly on skin. In fact it wears like skin, but better! Then throw a bit of Sandwood smoothness into the mix and you’ve got Genetic Bliss. We love layering this with the other scents in the 27 87 collection to create a woodier depth however on its own this perfume is a gorgeous woody scent! Part of the Now Line, this scent is designed to accompany you every day. It becomes a part of you and always ensures that you wear it, rather than overhwelming the wearer. But don’t be fooled – Genetic Bliss makes a serious impact.

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