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This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.5 Yang 120ml

Fragrance Family

Aquatic, Clean, Floral

This perfume has the brightness, the spark of a gentle touch on the skin. 1/.5 is the kind of scent that draws you to someone, the undeniable pheremone like skin scent that brings bodies together. This is a perfume composed exclusively of synthetic molecules and inspired by the universal principle of Yang. Strong and bold, yet subtle at the same time; the perfect contradiction. The feeling of sensuality and smoothness - a fragrance that has a powerful effect rather than a loudness. It is almost imaginary. Solar Ozonic strength encounters the subtle transparency of the Aldehyde attraction to attain a fresh Minerality.

With notes of Aldehydes, Ozonic Citrusy Accord, Karismal Super, Floral Fantasy, Ambroxan, Musk T and Mineral Accord.

Mix & Match Like Yin & Yang, 1/.4 and 1/.5 are interdependent, mutually enhancing one another. Each one brings richness in its own right, and while one unveils Nature’s brute strength, the other unfurls a powerful ethereal and creative energy. All together they form an olfactive synergy, a circulation of a breath which connects natural to synthetic raws in a delicate and full fragrance, subtle and deep at the same time.

Mix and Match 1/.4 lunar yin and 1/.5 solar yang to achieve the absolute Harmony.

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