Find Love With These Festive Delights

We may have completely, utterly and tinsel-y outdone ourselves with the BEST festive pieces and decorations this year at Lore. We have sourced unique, one-off, bright, colourful and maximalist decorations, and OMG we are in LOVE with these festive delights.

“We have really focused on finding local and international small businesses and women-owned companies to partner with. These decorations are intended to be kept,not thrown away.Quality over quantity!” - Jade

Let’s find your festive love:

Chicago, USA

The woman behind it: Becca Gore

Lore Loves: Umm the amazing and iconic women featured – we LOVE them! Dolly, Moira, Ru, Bianca – does it get any better?!


Heidelberg West, VIC

The women behind it: Laurel & Amanda

Lore Loves: These are the ultimate decoration/art pieces to keep forever. Each piece is hand blown, so unique and exquisite, and made around the corner in Melbourne. Chefs kiss!


Kent, UK

The woman behind it: Jess

Lore Loves: The absolute cuteness of these oversized and playful pom poms and all of the other fun accessories and homewares to add a little colour pop to your space. We also love that these are all hand made and use scrap materials that would otherwise go to waste!


Birmingham, UK

The woman behind it: Katy

Lore Loves: Jade and Jess worked with Katy to create these custom coloured pom poms for Lore and we are just obsessed! Here’s to bright fluffy pom poms forever!


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