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Thank You For Shopping With Lore This Season

Wow. 2022 flew by. It’s gone down like a tequila shot. A little stingy, a little salty, full of flavour and followed with the burst of refreshing lemon. Yep, it’s been a rollercoaster, and a busy, busy, BUSY year.

One thing that we cannot be amiss in is thanking you for your support! Lore keeps chugging along because of you. And of course our team of amazing Lore gals.

When you do your Christmas shopping this year, remember, where you choose to spend your money makes a difference in this world.

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When you shop with a small business like Lore, you help us in so many ways. You help us to grow as a small business, you enable us to stock other fabulous brands and support awesome designs/designers, you support your local community, and you keep our team of 10 amazing women in Lore in jobs that we love. You also get the good feels knowing that you are supporting us, Jade and Jess! We are a women-owned and run business. And look, you’re helping us as working (new) mums put our kids into nice schools when they’re a little older 😉 so that we can continue to grow Lore and keep you all smelling fab.

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So big thanks from us. We always and forever will appreciate your support. Merry Spritzmas and shop small business this year!


Love Jade and Jess x

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