Party Fragrances To Bring In The New Year

It’s that time of year to celebrate! Another year, another bottle of fragrance done and dusted. How will you see in the New Year? Smelling fab, we’re sure. Let’s take 2023 and make it one of the best smelling ones yet. Celebrate fragrance, come on!

Here’s what the Lore gals will be wearing to party this season!


bottle of not a perfume superdose by juliette has a gun and photo of jade from lore

My NYE will be very different this year as it is my first as a Mum! My partner Cam and I will be bringing in the new year at home and to be honest, not even sure if we will make it to midnight! 🤪 I will, however, still be wearing a fragrance (of course!!) and I will be wearing Juliette has a Gun’s Not a Perfume Superdose as it has been my scent of the year! I have worn this fragrance throughout my whole maternity leave. I have always loooooved this fragrance and as I didn’t really want to wear my heavier scents with a tiny baby, it was perfect to give me a little oomph without being too overpowering. It is skin-like, creamy and woody on my skin and now every time I smell it now I am reminded of joyous memories of those first days and weeks as a new Mum, allllll the newborn hugs and overwhelming emotions. So, what better scent to bring in the new year! And look, if I end up feeling a little extra, I’ll layer a spritz, or two, of Cherry Punk over the top for some celebratory sparkle!



So the party season is a little different for me with a toddler…not so many parties, more a haze of busyness and dreaming of a full night’s sleep haha! My fragrance that gets me merry is Lubin’s Korrigan. The boozy sweetness smells soooo good in the heat. It gives me memories of playful nights out of season’s past – but on the skin only. No hangovers! With notes of cognac, whiskey and gin; it is the most celebratory, fun and deliciously scented cocktail in fragrance form.



After what felt like the quickest year ever, New Year’s Eve is nearly here and I’ll be dancing the night away with a spritz of one of our new Carner Barcelona summer journey scents – Super Moon! This fresh, fruity and flirty fragrance is a bright pomegranate and citrus explosion to show off my best dance moves. Juicy, slightly tart and not overly sweet with a soft patchouli backdrop, this fragrance frees the wonders of our summer nights lit by the most fantastic moon. Before the clock strikes midnight, there will be a priceless moment of silence and feelings of wonder as I stare up and admire this glowing moon and make a new year resolution wish.



Shimmy and twist your way into the New Year with Histoires de Parfum’s 1969. Bright flashes of sun fruits and peach illuminate the night sky as the opening notes of this vivacious gourmand, before flowing into a generous gulp of sparkling rose, peals of laughing cacao, and a cardamon and clove midnight’s kiss. As you slip into a late night (or really, early morning) bed of white musk and patchouli, you know that tomorrow your days will be a little bit sweeter, and your nights a little more groovy.



I was going to choose something different, but honestly, this New Years Eve, I’ll probably wear Fantomas by Alessandro Gualtieri – the man, the myth, the legend perfumer they call Crazy Nose…aka Nasomatto. The sweet, syrupy, silver sorcery of a scent that always elicits a comment when I wear it, especially to my other work gig where I will be for the majority of my NYE this year. Alluring and mysterious, we’ll never quite know what Fantomas’ secret is, but we’ll never want to stop wondering or wearing it. And you can be assured, no matter how long or varied my New Years Eve antics may be, Fantomas will sure be with me throughout it all…all night long.



My New Year’s scent has to be Bergamask by Orto Parisi. Inspired by getting sweaty dancing and partying in the south of Italy, this sexy, dirty citrus scent is totally intoxicating. Being a parfum extract, it continues to change and develop on your skin throughout the night, and will still be there as the sun rises on New Year’s Day. Perfect for summer, perfect for parties, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it helped you to secure a New Year’s kiss!



Sonar by 2787 is the perfect party scent, as she is the party. The night doesn’t begin until she makes her appearance, and once she leaves the party is over, we all have that friend. Sonar opens with a vibrant electricity, you can’t hide your smile and excitement from its presence. Sharp and quick-witted, alluring and soft; the heart of tuberose, beer accord and saffron mix together to create this intoxicating mischief that shouts from the rooftop, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time!” A few hours in, this fragrance softens on the skin, the music turns down and you are left with memory of a wild night and are comforted by a blanket of woods and vanilla. If you want to make a statement this party season, wear Sonar. Truuuust me.


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