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Bergamask EDP 50ml

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Berga'mot is a very fresh citrus fruit. 'Mask' is to capture the musky odour expelled by a fresh kill. This fragrance is the richest and most long lasting citrus fragrance with many nuances as it wears on the skin. A woody depth at times, the rich citrus is still the star. The lid features antique gold and light horn.

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"This is the most unusual fragrance I've ever worn. At first it's absolutely stunning, the perfect punch-in-the-face bergamot with a kick of something mysterious.. It fades a little to an earthy, woodsy, vaguely white lily kinda scent and then later becomes something completely unexpected - tart and acidic, like a well worn shirt - and this lingers for a. long. time... I'm torn between loving this and disliking it. Mostly loving it though. I've always preferred a light subtle fragrance but Bergamask might just change that."

Flo Foxworthy