Korrigan EDP 100ml

Fragrance Family

Earthy, Gourmand, Oriental

The sprite like fairy folk, the Korrigans come out at night to create mischief. They come out to harvest juniper berries and wild beechnuts. Then, in dark caves, they distil barley into spellbinding spirits, spicing them with saffron, musking them with ambrette, scenting them with lavender. During the solstice festivals, they all drink their elixirs out of leather pouches, causing bodies and souls to capsize. As relaxing as a sip of creamy liquor on a lazy Sunday afternoon as dusk rolls in and the playfulness of the night ensues.

With notes of Juniper Berry, Saffron, Cognac, Lavender, Ambrette, Whiskey Distillate, Cedarwood, Oud, Leather, Vetiver and Musk.

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