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White Moss EDP 15ml


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The original and most popular fragrance that Acca Kappa first created back in 1997 – still a best seller for the brand to this day! The White Moss and Musk notes create a crisp clean, almost like ‘you’ve just jumped out of the shower’ aroma. This is the scent of clean skin…but better, so much better!
Inspired by the scents of Italian spring – uplifting notes of Juniper and Lavender create an aromatic masterpiece. White Moss is a scent with a unique and clean freshness and a Woody base to create beautiful depth on the skin. The ultimate ‘clean skin’ fragrance. This is the perfect mini size to either trial out the fragrance, justify getting one of each scent in the entire collection or keep on you at all times. Because you never know when you’ll want a sneaky little top up!

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Juniper, Citrus Accord
Middle: Aldehyde Notes, Cardamom, Lavender, Sweet Woods
Base: White Musk, Amber Accord, Cedarwood, Musks

The White Moss Eau de Parfum is a refreshing and light blend with longevity of around 6 hours. This scent sits close to the skin and smells quite literally like your own freshly cleaned skin! The Musk is there but it there is also quite a bit of Citrus and Juniper to create a crisp clean scent.

We love the smell of freshly washed skin straight out of the shower and this perfume really evokes that scent memory – it is so clean, without a hint of sweetness that we really love. It’s a great day time scent to wear to feel clean and awake.

Luca Maffei

The Acca Kappa collection began as a manufacturer of premium hair brushes and accessories. Based in Treviso, Acca Kappa was created in 1869 by Hermand Krull and is stil in the Krull family to this day. Known for sourcing the finest materials, they were in fact the official supplier to the British Royal Family. By 90’s, Acca Kappa were widely renowned as Italy’s best and most successful manufacturer of brushes.1997 was the year that saw the production of Acca Kappa’s first perfume – the iconic White Moss fragrance. As the perfume collection has grown, Acca Kappa now have over 20 perfumes in their collection. The recent addition of the 15ml mini perfume sizes has seen the brand move from strength to strength as more people are being introduced to the wonderful world of Acca Kappa’s high quality perfumes.

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