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Trudon Revolution EDP 100ml

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Revolution is a part of Trudon’s first fragrance collection – a scented ode to Royalty, Religion and Revolution. A smoky messenger of both a beginning and an end. The streets of Paris during the French Revolution, an odour of smoke and musket powder. Capturing a moment in history, intense emotions with smoke and fire, raw incense, leather and woods. Rage and intense emotions on the faces of people in the streets, houses ablaze, the cobblestone streets covered in oil, sweaty riders cascade through the towns robed in black leather. The revolution is afoot, yet there is an air of peace on the horizon. The soft swirl of incense fills the air, leaving hope and a knowing that the dust is beginning to settle.

Top: Elemi Resin, Angelica
Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Papyrus
Base: Juniper, Incense, Labdanum, Opopanox

Lyn Harris

Smoky from opening to end, this is a masterpiece in the realm of smoky fragrances. Subtle enough to be worn often, but definitely noticeable for hours, almost like the scent of sitting next to an open fireplace in winter, the green notes of nature also wafting through.

As gunpowder fills the air, the green grassy tones come through, guiding us back into a world of clarity from the haze of gunpowder. Clear skies, a tinge of metal and earth linger around. The smokiness never dissipating, rather hanging around like a ghost of past, a memory you can’t quite fully escape. This is the moment a French solider shot a gun for the first time in the French revolution.

Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, the oldest and most renowned candle makers in the world. Appointed Royal Wax Manufacturers, Cire Trudon provided candles for not only all of the French churches, but had an illustrious list of devoted clients including Louie 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. Cire Trudon’s candles are inspired by significant people and places throughout history – they tell scented stories. After 400 + years creating the finest home fragrance in the world, Cire Trudon moved in personal fragrance launching their perfume line in 2017, telling new scented stories based on Royalty, Religion and Revolution.


1 review for Trudon Revolution EDP 100ml.

  1. Maria

    I anticipated the perfume’s from cire trudon after being in love with their candles. I was not disappointed. I am loving ‘Revolution’. It has a beautiful smoky, woody scent that I personally love and I often get commented ‘what are you wearing’ question. The perfume can be easily worn from day to night without a heaviness . It is a beautiful blend that I adore. Magnifique

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