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Desert Rosewood Parfum 100ml

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Desert Rosewood is a rich, resinous, leathery fragrance that evokes images of the thick, arid forests of the Victorian Central Highlands.

Just like a rejuvenating bush walk through the Central Highlands under the warming sun, this scent is like breathing in crisp yet earthy bush air – the bark of the trees, a slight dryness in the air with a soft and warm resinous base. Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood is a scent for all genders, it speaks of adventures through thick forests where ancient trees and fresh young ferns provide a mingling of old and new, rich and herbaceous.

Top: Sicilian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Indian Cardamom
Middle: French Violet, Nutmeg, Comoros Islands Vanilla
Base: Australian Desert Rosewood, Laotian Benzoin, Indonesian Patchouli

François Merle Baudoin

Opening with sparkling citrus and the bright greenness of cardamom, Desert Rosewood quickly develops to reveal its earthy, woody heart. Sharp nutmeg is tempered by the soft sweetness of violet and vanilla, which work together to enhance the resinous woody tones of the hero of this scent, the Australian rosewood. The base of benzoin resin and patchouli is like the floor of dense bushland, grounding the scent. With excellent longevity, Desert Rosewood, as a Parfum, will last on the skin for 8-10 hours.

Desert Rosewood is such an interesting scent – on paper it seems like it would be a fairly standard warm, spicy, woody scent, but the addition of benzoin (and perhaps even the violet) adds a dusty, powdery quality that is redolent of Australia’s distinctive red earth. If you’ve ever gone on a bushwalk and experienced being in dense bushland paved with red earth, the smell of native greenery and bark in the air, you will find yourself moved by this fragrance.

Goldfield & Banks, Australia’s first luxury fragrance house, was founded by Sydney-based Dimitri Weber in 2016. After moving to Australia, French-Belgian Weber fell in love with the country’s lush, aromatic, and botanical beauty, and felt compelled to create a perfume line paying tribute to its extraordinary beauty. Combining the science of Australia’s most authentic native essences with centuries of French expertise in the art of perfume making, Goldfield & Banks’ perfumes are a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.
The Goldfield & Banks range contains an array of carefully chosen native botanicals, selected to create a new and haunting Australian dream – one of burning deserts, sparkling coastal vistas and deep, beautifully scented forests. The sustainable quality of these ingredients represents an innovative and contemporary approach to perfume oil production and showcases Australia’s leading expertise in botanical research and development. The result is a modern yet timeless collection of genderless luxury perfumes for all genders.

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3 reviews for Desert Rosewood Parfum 100ml.

  1. Esz

    Another evocative scent from Goldfield & Banks. This is a bright spicy rose with incredible depth and tenacity. Sure to garner compliments (I have had many while wearing this). Sweet, sexy and seductive.

  2. heka79 (verified owner)

    What can I say? This fragrance rocks! I’m not even a perfume person but this was sprayed on a card in a delivery for face cream I had ordered. Well….I was back online within 5 minutes ordering Desert Rosewood and might I add the best decision EVER. Highly recommend to all. One of the greatest scents I’ve ever come across.

    Very pleased customer

  3. Pep Dalessandri

    One of 4 fragrances from this new Australian house.
    Desert Rosewood opens up with a burst of boozy amber and quickly settles into woody vanilla vibe.
    But what i really like about this is that it is a dry sweetness, probably assisted by the cardamom note.
    After about an hour this has settled nicely on the benzoin and rosewood base all the while with a hint of sharpness from something, maybe the listed mandarin and cardamom notes hanging around.
    It may have been because i was sniffing them both the night before, but this is almost what you would get if a fragrance had the same bloodlines as both Chergui and L’air du desert Marocain. It certainly has the dry desert air vibe with a touch of sweetness.
    4.5 out of 5

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