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Introducing Trudon’s new Limited Edition capsule collection, an original duo composed of a perfume, Isla, and a scented candle, de Oro. Together, they highlight the many facets of bergamot – a fruit emblematic of the Mediterranean and a staple in every perfumer’s palette.

Bergamot is native to Southern Italy, named after the town of Bergamo in Lombardy. With a bright, zesty and fresh aroma, bergamot complements a variety of notes, and is most commonly used as a top note due to its ability to captivate the senses. 

Isla is all about capturing the beauty of the Mediterranean islands in the summertime. Where crisp sea breezes caress citrus trees planted along the coast. Where wild herbs grow on the path down to the beach, where impossibly blue water meets golden sand.

Top: Grapefruit, Cardamom essence, Bergamot Essence, Petitgrain Essence from Paraguay, Petitgrain Lemon Tree Essence
Middle: Bergamot, Rosemary, Bergamot flower essence, Crisp Mint
Base: Amber, Musk, Vetiver Haiti and Java

Emilie Bouge

Isla opens with a vibrant, zesty burst of tart citrus – grapefruit, bergamot and green petitgrain. The bergamot becomes richer as the fragrance wears, warmer and deeper. Once the initial citrus opening has settled a little, the verdant herb garland in the heart of the fragrance is revealed. Aromatic rosemary and fresh green mint add body to the scent, which is grounded by the dry spice of vetiver, the gentle warmth of amber and musk. This fragrance has impressive lasting power for a citrus fragrance due to its musky dry-down, and will give you 8-10 hours of wear. 

We love Isla as an ode to bergamot, and how well the bergamot itself is blended with the other notes while still remaining the focal point of the composition. As soon as you spritz this scent, you feel immediately invigorated and refreshed, like you’ve just had a dip in the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. 

Founded in 1643, Trudon is the oldest wax manufacturer in the world.
In 1640s Paris, Claude Trudon, a convenience store owner, began to make tapered candles with a new methodology he had developed, utilising a special blend of beeswax and vegetable wax. His high-quality candles rapidly gained popularity, as they didn’t warp, smoke or splutter, and therefore didn’t cause fires!
In 1702, Trudon opened a factory so that their highly sought-after candles could be manufactured on a larger scale. Before long, their secret wax formula (still used today!) attracted the attention of the Crown. The house of Trudon became the candle provider to the Royal Court of Louis XIV, as well as many of the great churches of France. Louis XIV was so impressed with their candles that he issued a seal of approval with his official family crest. This crest can now be seen affixed to every Trudon product, with the addition of the motto “Deo regique laborant”, which means: “they (the bees) work for God and the King”, a nod to the creature that made their successful wax formula possible!
By the mid-17th century, Trudon had become the largest wax manufacturer in France. As candle makers to the Royal Court, Trudon were commissioned to make candles for many French icons – from Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon actually commissioned Trudon to make a candle for the birth of his son – rumoured to be the only gift he ever gave him – a black candle made in his likeness, adorned in gold.
Fast forward to 2007 when the house took the name Trudon and became the leading specialist in manufacturing perfumed candles. All their candles are still hand-made, using traditional production methods akin to those Claude Trudon would have used in the 1600s. In their Normandy factory, each candle is hand-poured into hand-blown vessels from Tuscany. Today, Trudon has extended their range to a line of genderless perfumes in addition to their variety of options for luxuriously fragrancing your space.

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