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Trudon Medie EDP 15ml


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A symphony of Citrus notes. Medie creates a freshness that runs along the skin, leaving a desirable trace of Amber and Leather in its wake. Inspired by the Kingdom of Alexander the Great, under which the province of Medie was renowned for its abundance of rare citrus fruits. A vibrant bitterness filled the air, Medie was an oasis. A citrus fragrance based on the classics with the inclusion of aromatic notes, green notes and spicy incense to transport Medie to a thoroughly modern era.


Top: Grapefruit, Green Mandarin

Middle: Jasmine Sambac

Base: Amber, Leather


Yann Vasnier


Medie is one of our favourite citrus scents to wear – it is the perfect balance between a bitter and sweet citrus and the depth that the Amber and Leather notes provide, ensure that the citrus notes go further than they would without. Medie wears quite well for a citrus scent, we generally get around 6 hours on the skin, sometimes longer depending on your skin’s chemistry due to the richness in the base.


Medie is a citrus fragrance through and through – the Leather and Amber notes aren’t particularly obvious except in the longevity of the scent. We love how vibrant and uplifting this citrus is, it smells like you are in the middle of summer with an array of citrus trees to choose from. This scent also encompasses the entirety of a citrus tree, there is a bit of earth, some green tones of the leaves to complete the overall experience.


Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, the oldest and most renowned candle makers in the world. Appointed Royal Wax Manufacturers, Cire Trudon provided candles for not only all of the French churches, but had an illustrious list of devoted clients including Louie 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. Cire Trudon’s candles are inspired by significant people and places throughout history – they tell scented stories. After 400 + years creating the finest home fragrance in the world, Cire Trudon moved in personal fragrance launching their perfume line in 2017, telling new scented stories based on Royalty, Religion and Revolution.


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