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Les Belles Matières – Esterel Candle 270g


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Part of Cire Trudon’s Les Belles Matières Collection, a geographic fragrant odyssey. The collection travels back to the origins of rare perfumes: it delves into the rich hours of botanical discoveries and reveals the genesis of grand olfactory adventures.

Originally sourced from Australia, British Botanists took our iconic wattle over to France at the turn of the 19th century. Mimosa has thus become the Cote d’Azur’s flower of note, as wild and impressive bushes grow along the hillside of the Esterel Massif. Delicate, elegant and vibrant, Esterel’s mimosa scent is so lifelike it transports you to a sunny day along the gorgeous French Riviera.

Top – Bergamot Peel
Middle – Mimosa
Base – Iris

This candle burns for approximately 55 – 60 hours.

Esterel is a true mimosa/wattle scent – clean, powdery, but still earthy and grounded.

We love this French interpretation of an Australian native flower close to all of our hearts.

The oldest and most renowned candle makers in the world, Cire Trudon have been creating candles since 1643. As official manufacturers to the French Royal Court throughout this time, Cire Trudon still use traditional methods including hand pouring and hand blowing all glass. A rich and illustrious history that includes Louis 14th issuing the royal seal of approval with the official family crest (as seen on the front of every Cire Trudon product today). As well as stories such as the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles burning 50 000 Cire tapered candles daily!



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