Perfume by the Stars!

Heavens…it’s that time of year again. That time when all things mythic, mysterious and magickal become the focus for a day and night and the luminaries, ethers and elements that influence our earthy realm, become things that most of us pay a little more attention to than usual.

The time of year when the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest and the dimensions in between their most accessible. When we can learn and experience things that aren’t normally so available. When the unseen becomes more tangible and the energies all around, above and below, are felt so much more profoundly. So we figured it was as good a time as any to harness these energies and use them to our advantage, like the true divine alchemists that we are. After all that’s what this time of year is all about.


If you know your Moon and Rising sign too, you can have fun mixing it up and triple your chances of a scent that suits all three versions of yourself, the good, the bad and the um…hmmm, let’s just say less familiar. No matter what or how much you know about Astrology, we each have a selection of all the following energies within our personal zodiac wheel to some degree…quite literally, with our own individual expression of these divine and heavenly energies embodied and personified in each unique combination. “We are made of star stuff” after all. Both metaphorically and physically.

As above, so below and all that…Happy Halloween!


Quick to fire into action and impulsive emotion, it’s easy to understand why as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is both the child and celestial Ram. Ruled by the head because that’s generally the way we enter into the Earthly realm (during birth…) but also because they can often be caught acting on impulse of their passionate hearts before they’ve given the consequences much thought. A hard trait to tame given that their planet Mars is the ruler of action, movement, energy and desire. Fortunately however, these natural born leaders and instigators, feisty, impulsive and assertive though they are, are also equally gifted multitaskers. Always brave, rarely afraid and entirely capable of conquering the challenges they charge head first into. Fortune favours the brave after all, and the Ram will always fight for what and who they believe in with unparalleled passion. With all that in mind, Aries souls need scents that embody all of their courageous and capable selves. Therefore, I AM confident that these perfumes do just that, bottling and bringing out their in built fire like the bosses that they are:

Carner Barcelona – Botafumeiro / Histoires de Parfums – FidelisMap of the Heart – V3 The Heart of Passion


Steadfast, stoic, determined and earthy, Taurus natives are lovers of all things sensual and sensory. In fact, the celestial Bull’s penchant for not only the finer but necessary things in life, pretty securely sums up these stoic creatures of sturdy character and mind. Graceful, with a hidden strength and down to Earth common sense, they like to take things in their stride, knowing how to work and play hard equally and are most comfortably in their element when they can indulge themselves in the tangible delights. Comfortable and familiar surroundings are usually their preference however, so luxuriating at home is often where you’ll find them enjoying these things: food, wine, music and art especially. Ruled by Venus and the element of Earth, these guys are the wine and dine you types, strong on the have and to hold style vibes, who enjoy the creature comforts of home and hearth, So we HAVE come up with some of our finest fragrances to match their earthy and sensuous vibes:

Orto Parisi – Boccanera / P. Frapin & Cie – Nevermore / Nasomatto – Narcotic V


As sign of the zodiacal Twins, these dualistic folk are renown for having two distinct personalities and are gifted with a multitude of talents. Versatile, intellectual, enthusiastic and outgoing, the ever fun and playful Geminis ruled by Mercury are the personification of their ruling planet’s quick wit and mental agility. Eternally equipped with a joke, one liner or random piece of trivia, they’re often found maintaining the attention of a captive audience with various tales of hilarity. Usually at their own expense because not only can no one quite match their ability to regale a story, they also seem to draw such circumstances to them like a magnet, so have many a colourful tale to draw from. Always ready for an actual or intellectual adventure, and gifted with the ability to do two things at once with less effort than it takes others to do one, these mercurial natives are legendary for their natural and enviable trait of being able to talk to anyone about anything and everything. So as the ever erudite Gemini likes most to learn and expand through experience, we THINK these quirky fragrances capture them best:

Juliette has a Gun – Not a Perfume Superdose / Nasomatto – Nudiflorum / Histoires de Parfums – This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.1


Ruled by the Moon and their emotions like the Moon conducts the ebb and flow of the tides, the vast depths of Cancer’s innate ocean is an ever churning current filled with compassion and nurturing, fierce spirit and loyalty. Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer’s are also gifted performers and natural comedians with a wicked sense of humour, not only because they ‘get’ people, but because they wear their heart on their sleeve, making it very easy for others to be drawn to them and for them to draw from others the humorous side of potentially potent and serious feelings. Despite their steely strength and tough outer shell that often belies their soft and vulnerable insides, the thoughtful and tenacious Crab is the most authentic and inspired version of themselves when they feel supported and secure, or alternatively when they’re providing the same to others. In fact, the celestial Crab loves their home and security so much they metaphorically take it with them everywhere they go, knowing if they ever feel lost or vulnerable they can simply retreat into themselves to feel safe and secure. Because of this, we FEEL the best scents to represent their lunar dispositions and appreciation of unadulterated domestic bliss are:

L’Artisan Parfumeur – Mandarina Corsica / Penhaligon’s – Luna / L’Artisan Parfumeur – Venenum


Born with a generous and vivacious WILL, magnanimous, affectionate and humourous Leo natives exhibit a natural flair for the theatrical and don’t mind basking in the warm glow of the spotlight…in fact, they rather embrace it. Celestial Lions are dedicated and disciplined leaders, with the ability and personality to both inspire and impress, entertain and have a good time, but also instinctively know how to indulge and relax. Picture a lion in their natural habitat and you’ll know precisely where their vibe is at. These Fabulous creatures ruled by the Sun have a regal and generous nature and a calm and consistent way about them, but are equally ready to pounce at opportunity, especially if it stokes their celestial fire. Naturally, they need equally impressive scents to highlight and express themselves in all their elements. Scents that sing ‘don’t rain on my parade, I’m busy shining over here…but if you let me, I WILL gladly and graciously share a little of my sunshine with you’:

Eight & Bob – Egypt / 27 87 – Elixir de Bomb / Carner Barcelona – Tardes


Kind, patient, practical and wise the celestial VirginsMaidens of the Zodiac are gifted with precision and poise, a natural penchant for purity, and always strive for perfection in all things. Being somewhat measured emotionally and not overtly demonstrative when it comes to their affections, Virgins can also appear humble and shy, but that doesn’t mean their feelings don’t run strong and deep. Ruled by Mercury and the element of Earth, thoughtful Virgo’s express the natural energies of their ruling planet via more practical applications of creativity, knowing that focus and diligence pays off, and can always be relied upon to get the job done without much ado or complaint. Naturally sensitive to the needs of others, they intrinsically understand how to go about making any manner of situations better. Using their highly honed skills of analysis and personal service, these meticulous and fastidious Souls derive a pure sense of satisfaction and pleasure from helping, fixing and making the best they can of things, doing it all with precision and grace whilst ensuring the utmost level of quality. Being the personification of such attributes constantly can be hard though, so it’s important they also treat themselves with equal measure of kindness and nurturing. With that in mind, we scrupulously ANALYZED a short list of fragrances we consider to be perfect for any Virgo, to inspire them to let their hair down and treat themselves a bit:

Heretic – Florgasm / Costume National – So Nude / Juliette has a Gun – White Spirit


The personification of all things Venusian, ruled by the planet of love and beauty herself, Libra’s flair for both the arts and the art of a heartfelt conversation is inspired by their eternal search for love and divine beauty in all things. Gifted with personable charm and insight into human relations, these natural born peacemakers and people pleasers are quick with a compliment and gifted in the art of making others feel comfortable and loved. Graciously dedicated to loving exchanges and cooperation, they derive both intellectual and emotional nutrition from connections and relationships of all kinds. Equality, fairness, justice and an ideal world for all, is what these celestial Scales spend most of their lives seeking and striving to achieve. Eternal entertainers, diplomats and hosts, these ever sociable butterflies must be mindful however, not to let their innate desire for harmony and equilibrium to drive them to spend so much time in care and consideration of others, that they end up with their own scales out of balance and must make sure to give themselves the same amount of time and energy they give out. This is after all, equally their life’s greatest work and challenge. Knowing this we’ve concocted a short list of scents we think capture and compliment the Libran sense of BALANCE and love equally:

Olfactive Studio – Lumiere Blanche / Andrea Maack – Soft Tension / Map of the Heart – V7 The Heart of Love


Ruled by Pluto, planet of secrets and hidden things, death and rebirth, healing and transformation, Scorpios are gifted with great depth and powers of perception. Water as their element also gives these masters of insight into the unconscious, a particular interest and understanding of the undercurrents and energies that effect the human psyche. They’re strategic, resourceful, passionate and loyal, with an emphasis on intense emotions, controlled action and reactions. Represented in the Zodiac by the Scorpion, Plutonian natives are determined and seductive and aren’t afraid of getting down and dirty. Under rocks, so to speak…unearthing hidden emotions and situations (in fact they’re totally at home there) and like to get the heart of things that other signs might deem too dark or too deep. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself in deep conversation, revealing things about yourself you wouldn’t dream of divulging to anyone else. Such is the knack of the celestial Scorpion, masters of persuasion and insight into our innermost feelings and workings. That in mind, we’ve CREATED this short but powerful list of fragrances to suit those oft misunderstood creatures of much intensity:

Andrea Maack – Craft / Juliette has a Gun – Into the Void / Map of the Heart – V2 The Heart of Darkness


Born with the gift of seeing the bright side of life, these Jupitarian natives are the glass half full types. The horse and archer with their bow aimed into distance strives to experience life through adventure, broader purpose and possibility, forever engaged in the search to understand what else is out there at all times. Big spirited and open hearted, these visionaries of the zodiac are independent, honest (sometimes brutally so…without meaning to be) philosophical and eternally optimistic. With an innate love of travel and being on the move, their don’t fence me in, freedom loving lust for love and life is fun, tirelessly curious and always in pursuit of endless horizons. If it’s adventure you’re after, look no further…they’ve got enough packed for two. Ruled by Jupiter the planet of growth, expansion and luck it’s no wonder the celestial Sagittarius are forever on the lookout for the next big thing and inspired adventure, with their far reaching vision to a brighter future. We therefor PERCEIVE these fragrances would best make the most of their adventurous spirits:

Creed – Aventus (for him & her) / Olfactive Studio – Still Life / Orto Parisi – Bergamask


Dry wit and sense of humour underlie the somewhat reserved, reliable and methodical exterior of these ambitious and practical pioneers. Growing more youthful as they mature, learning to loosen up with age and experience, these celestial Goats let nothing stand in their way of achieving the things they set out to. Even if it takes most of their focus to get to the top of their chosen mountain, they have all the qualities to make it happen on their own terms, and intrinsically understand they’ll get to relax and enjoy the view once they arrive. Ruled by Saturn whose qualities of structure, restraint, discipline and patience are evident in their personalities, you can always depend on a Capricorn to be the voice of reason, or come up with the best strategy to achieve your wants and needs, because they always have the ultimate outcome in mind…knowing exactly how to use their disciplined expertise with masterful aplomb and sure footed ease. We recommend the USE of any of these scents to both represent and/or soften their sense of structure and serious nature somewhat:

Lubin – Upper Ten / Orto Parisi – Viride / Andrea Maack – Coven


Ruled by Uranus the planet of change and inspiration, exciting ideas, limitlessness and extremes, Aquarians are perhaps the biggest conundrum of the zodiac. Their ruling element of Air combined with the sign of the Water Bearer, creating an interesting combination of elements. The ever artistic eccentric with a cool, analytical mind, these independent and imaginative souls are friendly, sociable and happy to help those in need, or lend an altruistic ear. They live to liberate and inspire, making them perfect company for new adventures and exciting experiences, but being a mix of both intellectual Air and the waters of creativity, they prefer to show affection in unconventional ways rather than being overtly demonstrative. Not ones for going with the norm or following the masses, these spontaneous, idealistic and assertive originals are the celestial rebels, who like to forge their own path, their own way…and maybe show you a new one while they’re at it. Therefor we like to think we KNOW these scents would be ideal and quite unconventionally Aquarian:

Orto Parisi – Megamare / Costume National – Cyber Garden / Histoires de Parfums – En Aparté Irrévérent EDP 120ml


With their ruling planet Neptune governing the sea and all things of such deep mystery, these gentle and empathic Souls are masters of adaptability. Their strong powers of intuition, compassion and generosity make the celestial Fishes gifted artists and idealistic escapists, with a preference for going with the flow, and at times against it…in their attempt to avoid life’s harsher realities. Sensitive to the plight and suffering of all sentient Beings, they are the natural psychics, healers and dreamers of the Zodiac, often viewing the world through rose coloured glasses, with a desire to nourish the Soul and lift the Spirits of others with their gifts. However, their ability to see to see the good in life despite knowing it’s murkier side, often leaves them at the mercy of the waters they inhabit, being easily influenced by their surroundings and environment and at times absorbing the energies and emotions of the world around them to their detriment. For that reason, Pisces people can feel more at home in a fantasy or fairy tale world, than the one they so often dream of escaping. We therefore BELIEVE these fragrances with equal amounts of watery depth and earthy grounding can help both soothe and fortify their particularly sensitive Beings:

Beaufort London – Fathom V / Robert Piguet – L’Entier / Juliette has a Gun Liquid Illusion

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