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Craft EDP 50ml

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Aquatic, Aromatic, Musk
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Originally created for a temporary museum exhibition and never intended to be worn as a personal fragrance the character of Andrea Maack's Craft is illusive, dynamic and exciting. Andrea Maack created a fragrance for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With its icy, metallic opening, the scent deepens in complexity with the introduction of Cedarwood in the middle notes, and a base of Patchouli that anchors the fragrance in familiar territory. Imagine running through a mettalic, foggy and icy forest - the crisp clean icy notes smelling almost metallic against your cold skin, the air is clean and light, the forest has the scent of freshly chopped wood with a touch of moss. 

Top: Aldehydes, Ice, Frankincense
Middle: Cold Metal, Cedarwood 
Base: Elemi, Patchouli

Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack is a reknowned Icelandic Visual Artist, breaking the boundaries between art, beauty and fashion. Her art stems from an internal drive to create innovative, multi sensory expereiences. Andrea Maack created her first fragrance to accompany an installation art piece that she was exhibiting, and the range has grown from there, developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality materials.

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Craft is strong yet gentle on the skin - long wearing but subtle.

We love how interesting Craft is on the skin and how easy it actually is to wear - the scent is light and clean with beautiful earthy undertones.

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"Very similar to Bond No.9 Silver Factory but wears less aggressively on the skin. Reminds me of old Russian churches. A beautiful alone time with tarot cards sort of smell. I wouldn’t be wearing this on a date or to work though."


"This scent is witchcraft on the edge of a river on a full moon. Perhaps even one of those night when the moon seems even bigger than usual, or maybe that's just want the name and scent together evoke in my mind. Andrea's Craft starts of with a metalic forest note, surrounded in an icyness that draws you inward, looking for warmth. On my skin, it dies down into a gentle aquatic with hints of frankincense. It reminds me of moments I've been lost in my own thoughts, except this scent has some frankincense to lure you back along the path and back into your body."

Lore Team – Brandon

"It is an unusual fragrance that must have been created in a dream. It marries oceanic, mountain air and delicious fresh dirt, found under the mossiest of stones. I have never been a perfume person and was concerned about the musk element but here I am, reviewing, another first, wrist to nose, fiending."