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Soft Tension EDP 50ml

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Soft Tension is a sensual white musk inspired by a thick, mysterious Icelandic fog. The fragrance is an ethereal mix of white (musk, freesia) and black (moss, yerba mate absolute, cedar) raw materials, that in tandem with each other create “soft tension”. This is an intriguing fragrance, much like the endless thick white fog that inspired it. Soft Tension has a quiet power for those who know that sometimes we must be lost to find what we are looking for.

Top: Freesia, Moss
Middle: Cedarwood
Base: Musk, Yerba Mate Absolute

Andrea Maack

The delicate sweetness of freesia blends seamlessly here with an earthy, fresh air of cedar, yerba mate and moss to create a soft, yet deep, earthy and uplifting dry down on the skin. A crisp, creamy and intriguing kind of green with a subtle, but long lasting wear of about 6 – 8 hours. Clean and enchanting, like a second skin blessed by nature.

We just adore the juxtaposition of the opposing notes in Soft Tension that create exactly that. The delightful interplay between the ever so bright, sweet, floral scent of freesia offset and embraced by a soft, deep green bed of moss and tea, creating a stunning, elegant and creamy wear…almost like that of a dream. That intangible experience not quite of this world, yet in it, where sacred delights of physicality meet the lofty heights of the ethereal and divine. Soft Tension, you say…? Yes please!

Andrea Maack is a Scandinavian luxury fragrance house founded by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack.
What started as a series of art exhibitions using scent as a medium has now grown into one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes.
The collection of unisex fragrances has been developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality raw materials, drawing inspiration from Maack’s travels, artistic explorations, and her relationship with her beloved homeland, Iceland.
When the artist first embarked upon her scent journey she posed the question, how do you turn a drawing into a fragrance? It is a mysterious process, by all accounts. Do fragrances have colours? Andrea Maack says they do. Can a fragrance designed to complement a specific artwork stand on its own as a composition? Even without seeing the artwork, these are complex, well-made scents that tell a story.
The striking black bottle and box were designed in collaboration with architect Maddalena Casadei, inspired by the obsidian volcanic rocks found in the Icelandic highlands, with graphic design by art director Tommaso Garner, who interpreted Maack’s original paintings.

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2 reviews for Soft Tension EDP 50ml.

  1. casinitiss

    I adored this scent at first whiff – it is so soft, intimate and romantic. It isn’t something you will immediately notice but is a subtle, nude kind of sexy that will sneak up on someone close to you. Freesia is married with musk, cedar, mate and moss – but this is nowhere near the dark raw organic powerhouse that is her other creation Coven. This is light but alluring unisex scent – that conjures ideas of quiet pleasures, soft breaths and hidden whispers shared in the safe shrine of lovers.

  2. Alice

    I adore this fragrance it’s warm and sexy, unique and irresistible. I bought a bottle shortly after trying it on in the shop. Love at first inhale kind of special. However (and I say this understanding that this is a perfume designed to worn close to the skin and not confusing sillage with lasting power) Soft Tension has almost no lasting power on me. Even applying generously, a couple of hours later it’s completely disappeared. It’s a stunning fragrance, but for the price point and from a boutique house, I would expect my lover to be able to smell the perfume sitting close to me at 9pm when I had applied it at 6.

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