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Coven EDP 50ml

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Coven is the mysterious path of a dark supernatural world, it is a journey into a secret enchanted woodland where nothing is as it seems. Going deep into Andrea Maack’s fascination with the supernatural world, Coven smells wild, untamed and brave. A rich soil tincture kick starts Coven. This lush, metallic note seeps into Oak Moss and mingles with the verdant greens of Galbanum intending to grip you tightly in its spell. Coven is the embodiment of shadowy woodland walk. This perfume smells like you are in the forest, it is the smell of dirt, but in a fresh earth kind of way. Then you add in the green and woody notes and it completely takes you to the image Andrea Maack had in her sights when creating this perfume.

Top: Galbanum, Clove
Middle: Cedarwood
Base: Oakmoss, Vanilla

Andrea Maack

Coven comes on strong from it’s opening with a potent burst of deep green, like fresh cut grass intermingled with moist soil and peaty whiskey. The deep resins and earthy spice all uplifted pleasantly with a sweet dose of vanilla give Coven a distinctly stand out presence throughout the entirety of it’s wear of at least 8 hours on the skin.

We love how this truly unique scent immediately conjures a scene of it’s namesake. Deep in the forest, where a scene of pagan ritual draws forth in focused concentration the essence of Mother Nature and all of her earthly delights and rawest power. Where the cool, misty atmosphere mingles with the moist, damp forest floor, magically enhanced by the contrast of an open fire. Seductive and somewhat confronting if you’re not prepared for it. A deep, moody and bewitching, dark magic. Forewarned is forearmed.

Andrea Maack is a renowned Icelandic Visual Artist, breaking the boundaries between art, beauty and fashion. Her art stems from an internal drive to create innovative, multi sensory experiences. Andrea Maack created her first fragrance to accompany an installation art piece that she was exhibiting, and the range has grown from there, developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality materials.

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2 reviews for Coven EDP 50ml.

  1. Pep Dalessandri

    So dark, earthy, smoky. Really quite a unique fragrance.

  2. Leah (verified owner)

    Never smelt any perfume like this. So beautiful and bewitching. Wears close to the skin and changes extensively based on your skin chemistry. You just need to try it.

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